Why is Firefox establishing connections to detectportal.firefox.com on start?

When you monitor the community site visitors of the Firefox net browser it’s possible you’ll discover that the browser establishes a connection to detectportal.firefox.com on begin by default.

The connection is one of many first that the browser makes routinely and it’s possible you’ll surprise why it is being made in first place.


The identify offers a clue; Firefox makes an attempt to discover out if the Internet connection is restricted. Hotels and different locations that present entry to the Internet make use of captive portals that restrict connectivity until the person enters a code first.

Web browsers and every other Internet software program can’t set up connections when that occurs since each try is blocked by default; which means the browser can’t verify for updates or load websites that aren’t within the cache.

Firefox tries to detect if a portal is energetic with the assistance of that preliminary connection. If that is the case, community connections are held again as they’d not achieve success anyway.

Firefox customers who use the browser at dwelling or every other location that is not making use of captive portals for Internet connectivity, can block the connection try as there is no draw back to doing so.

Note: A person talked about within the remark part beneath that disabling the verify impacts Firefox’s new Private Network potential to join.


Here is the way you configure Firefox to block connections to detectportal.firefox.com:

  1. Load about:config within the Firefox deal with bar.
  2. Confirm that you can be cautious if the warning web page is displayed.
  3. Search for community.captive-portal-service.enabled.
  4. Toggle the choice in order that its worth is False.
    1. False implies that Firefox will not join to detectportal.firefox.com on Start.
    2. True is the default worth. It implies that Firefox will join to the deal with to decide if a captive portale is used.
  5. Restart Firefox.

You can use a community monitor corresponding to Wireshark to log connections that Firefox makes and confirm that the connection to detectportal.firefox.com is not made anymore.  I verified this in Firefox 73.0.1, the latest secure model of the online browser.

You can flip the setting again on simply when you use Firefox in environments that make use of captive portals.

Now You: do you verify the connections that your applications make routinely?

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