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Vivaldi to stop using unique user IDs in upcoming versions of the browser

Vivaldi’s Julien Picalausa revealed in a brand new put up on the official Vivaldi Blog that the firm will stop using unique user IDs in upcoming versions of the internet browser.

The firm makes use of the unique user ID for user counting; the use if unique IDs, regardless of the goal of using it, is all the time met by privateness issues. The principal cause for that’s that unique IDs could also be used to create user profiles, monitor customers, or determine customers particularly if different knowledge is accessible.

Companies like Vivaldi depend on knowledge for a range of causes: from prioritizing growth to higher understanding the user base. Vivaldi is open about its business model and correct user numbers assist with the firm’s principal monetization mannequin associate offers.

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vivaldi 2.6 user profiles

Vivaldi has been conscious of user issues in regards to the use of a unique ID to rely customers and began to work on an alternate user counting perform a number of months in the past which it plans to use in desktop versions of the Vivaldi browser and the upcoming Android model.

The course of to migrate away from using the unique ID begins with the launch of the subsequent steady model of the internet browser, Vivaldi 2.7. Vivaldi Technologies will not take away the unique ID in that construct because it nonetheless wants it to confirm that the new implementation is as correct as the outdated.

Vivaldi 2.7 introduces the new counting technique that doesn’t use a unique ID. The firm plans to take away the outdated user counting request from the browser “a number of versions later” and take away the unique ID solely “even later”.  Vivaldi notes that the browser will proceed to generate a unique ID however that will probably be used regionally solely to rely on computer systems with a number of installations.  The firm plans to launch the supply code of the new technique.

The new user counting technique in a nutshell

Vivaldi plans to use the following technique as a substitute to rely customers:

  • Send a request as soon as per day to the server to rely user numbers for 24 hour durations.
  • Send requests as soon as per week or month to get weekly or month-to-month numbers.

The Vivaldi browser will ship further data that Vivaldi requires subsequent to that:

  • When new customers run the browser for the first time to get new user numbers.
  • The quantity of days in which Vivaldi was prevented from reporting (e.g. not run) to get a greater image of returning customers.
  • The CPU structure and display screen decision.

Closing Words

It will take months earlier than Vivaldi will stop submitting the unique ID to firm servers. Vivaldi 2.7 can be out quickly however the ID will not be eliminated till a “couple of releases later”. New releases want between one and two months of growth time suggesting that the change would possibly make it in a Vivaldi model launched at the finish of the yr or starting of subsequent yr.

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