Video Speed Controller for Google Chrome

Video Speed Controller is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome internet browser and suitable browsers that provides you higher video playback controls.

The extension appears to be associated to the Firefox extension Video Speed Controller which we reviewed earlier this yr.

Most video streaming websites supply primary playback controls solely; you may cease playback, skip to the following video, change the audio, and modify choose audio-visual settings. Some websites supply superior controls. YouTube, for instance, has a playback pace possibility within the settings menu that you could be activate to extend or lower playback pace.

Increasing is nice for audiobooks and every other content material that’s largely audio-based, and if somebody talks actually quick in a video, reducing might assist sluggish all the pieces down a bit.

Fun Fact: Mini, the corporate that produces Mini Coopers, created Fast Forward for Chrome. A browser extension to speed up movies with the press of a button.

Video Speed Controller

video speed controller chrome

Video Speed Controller provides an overlay to HTML5 movies on supported websites. The extension features a blacklist of websites on which it doesn’t work. While it ought to work on most video streaming websites, YouTube is an instance the place it really works completely on, it doesn’t work on some streaming websites; the overlay is just not displayed on Dailymotion regardless that it’s not blacklisted.

The overlay is displayed once you hover the mouse over the video. It shows the present playback pace and shows two principal choices:

  • Increase or lower the playback pace of the video in .10 steps.
  • Skip 10 seconds forward or again.

Just choose any of the choices to activate the perform. Chrome customers preferring keyboard shortcuts over mouse controls could make use of the mapped ones as properly.

  • Decrease Speed – V
  • Increase Speed – D
  • Rewing – Z
  • Advance – X
  • Reset Speed -R
  • Preferred Speed – G

Tap on the keys to activate the perform whereas the video tab is lively. You needn’t hover with the mouse cursor over the video for the shortcuts to work.

The extension’s preferences give you choices to vary shortcuts and steps. You might change the rewind or advance step to 20 seconds, change the popular pace, or change the pace lower or improve steps.

Video Speed Controller helps two extra shortcuts that you could be map to keys. You might add “mute” or “pause” shortcuts to execute these with a key press as properly.

video playback controls

The preferences listing a handful of different choices of curiosity:

  • Hide the controller by default.
  • Remember the playback pace.
  • Blacklist websites to disable the extension when these websites are loaded.
  • Enable experimental options to disable site-specific keybindings.

Closing Words

Video Speed Controller is a helpful browser extension for Chrome and suitable browsers that provides customers management over the playback pace of HTML5 movies and choices to advance or return in movies with simply the press of the mouse or press of a key on the keyboard.

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