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Mozilla publishes Anti-Tracking Policy – gHacks Tech News

“I like Mozilla’s strategy to monitoring as a webmaster because it doesn’t block promoting outright and velocity up the dying of web sites like mine.

It’s good to see how a webmaster/writer treats adverertising frankly along with his approving anti-monitoring perspective, which is definitely much more essential than customers’ ones, beacause of the completely different priority and weights of rights/pursuits of gamers in present on-line advert enterprise: zero <= customers' << developers'&publishers' >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thought: (…and that is my very *private* opinion…)

I believe folks on ghacks right here all missed one important standpoint after they accused EvilCorps for shitty issues (promoting/monitoring/dominating),
which made them unable to deal with related unfairness pretty.

Yeah, M$ and Goolag are definitly two most well-known *EvilCorps*..and
the one approach organized evil is ever stopped is by organized good opposing it
effectively..however, wait a minute,

Isn’t it additionally Mozilla’s fault setting itself up in such *tough* conditions (eg. the Skype one you already know)‽

I imply, since M$ ditched EdgeHTML to embrace and honor Chromium/Blink, the Web is dominated by Chromium which is the de facto normal.
If Mozilla actually *cared* in regards to the Web why would they nonetheless persists in *preaching* their very own Gecko/Servo/Rust or no matter else garbage,
losing assets on reimplementing a parallel universe that’s used solely by sick geeks/nerds/wacks like me who’re even lower than 5%,
as a substitute of following M$’s footsteps to contribute to Chromium for a shiny future?
Not to say, additionally it is open supply not some IE6 proprietary BS.

The trendy net platform is so unbelievable advanced, boiling the ocean and insisting by yourself implementation is simply silly suicide.
Look elsewhere, take a look at working methods, take a look at the Linux kernel w/o GNU. Consolidating, laying and collaboration. Beauty!

Why not M$ ditch Windoze as effectively?
Is Apple nonetheless doing terrible work on Darwin?
Why doesn’t BSD simply die?
HURD? A tragicomedy I don’t even need to metion it.
why does the net platform need to be any completely different?
How has linux survived for many years with out dis-respecting all
that’s good & respectable, Me ask ya all?

Don’t inform me they’re on completely different ranges and uncomparable, ya cheaters, and
Don’t name range/competitors, fuck it, an excessive amount of to eat, I solely wanna my shiny open supply MX & Mint, easy, adequate, fairly,
though I hope Mint guys take superb care of their websites from backdoors, trigger I don’t need to be hacked as soon as once more.
and I want each of them would think about to modify from Firegarbage to Chromium by default. Please be trendy , fellas!

Don’t get me fallacious, let me be clear:
Chromium/Blink is turning into the following shiny new child *Linux* to our beloved Web!

The reality is it actually has the potential to be an ideal open governance venture, like Node.js, like Linux basis,
which is shared for everyone and contributed by multi-vendor collaboration,
with one supreme benevolent *ditactor* like Linus or Sir. TBL (why he began constructing a parallel universe referred to as *Solid*? IDK, however it could actually’t be success, LoL),
one have the supreme jurisdiction above all else. Sounds inspiring?

But.., if Mozilla doesn’t even have the energy to withstand present dominance,
why would they’ve sufficient energy to drive the Chromium venture to honor a open and free as in freedom bloody Web?
Good query. Too exhausting to assume effectly, shit head is gonna harm.
Lets simply neglect it, no person actually cares about that.

Why we want a so-referred to as normal for the Web, which might be completely pointless ultimately?
Just admit it, girls, it gained’t harm that a lot,
all ya precisely need is just one good & respectable Web of GAFA which,
you actually needs to be happy to open all of your sources to.

Game over, babe.
It’s time for Mozilla to get down from their hypocritically philosophical ivory tower,
however reorgnise into one model new real ivory tower,
doing so-referred to as *analysis*. LoL

Have a pleasant weekend, girls.

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