Mozilla adds Dynamic First Party Isolation option to Firefox 77


LOL, and “SpywareFan” (nomen est omen) continues to be raving in regards to the issues he can change in about:config, and you then come round together with your Imgur hyperlink, lmao. That’s absolute gold.


> Please, now cease spreading lies and face the proof.

You are actually the one spreading lies right here:

> related trojan behaviour as Brave:

Again, the registry entries you discovered are there in order that Brave’s updater may be operational. They are associated to this, and solely this. The very hyperlink you posted factors to a textual content that states:

“Thanks for posting within the Chrome discussion board. This could be occurring for a couple of causes. I think the add-on was put in by putting in considered one of Google’s merchandise similar to Google Earth, Chrome, and so on. to hold the packages up to date. If anybody else locally has anymore insights, please be happy to be a part of the dialog.”

supply: (The very hyperlink you posted!)

TO. KEEP. THE. PROGRAMS. UPDATED. You learn that passage? And they don’t seem to be within the Firefox listing, I can’t affirm right here.

> NPAPI plugins may be leveraged and was leveraged,

Registry entries are usually not NPAPI plugins. Case closed.

> now I understood why Brave was flagged as Trojan by Kaspersky,

False optimistic. Kaspersky is the difficulty right here, not Brave. Brave isn’t flagged as malware by Windows Defender, or Norton, or… Also, lol at you utilizing an invasive antivirus that’s probably spyware and adware itself and buries itself deep into the working system, and certain gives little if any profit over the built-in Windows Defender.

> however the one that you love browser nonetheless tries to leverage FF for it’s shady functions.

Can’t affirm any type of relationship between the Brave and Firefox directories right here. I perceive that you simply dislike Brave, however please stay with the details and chorus from utilizing an excessive amount of hyperbole.

> In Firefox Gorhill extensions work as anticipated, in Google Chromium browsers not, examined on my own.

Can’t affirm. Anyway, I hardly want these extensions, courageous has a built-in adblocker.

> Firefox has a C:Program RecordsdataMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe|Telemetry zero (zero) entry,

This is just not what I meant. Mozilla has out of browser telemetry operating so as to decide your default browser.

> these added by Brave are tojan/hijacker entries

No, cease spreading nonsense.

> and stay untouched even after uninstallation, prefer it’s providers, duties and set up folder.

Firefox leaves its profile folder behind as nicely, in the event you use the usual Windows uninstall routine. Again, what are you on about?

> Brave is unsafe as Chrome, if no more. People: be happy to set up Brave, however thoughts the dangers!

I’d be extra weary of the browser that may remotely change my settings and might remotely insert unknown code. Yes, I imply Firefox.

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