Minimize any program to the system tray with MinimizeToTray

Having a bunch of packages opened at the identical time can have an effect on your productiveness, particularly should you’re continuously alt + tabbing between a few of these. The taskbar does a greater job, however having to find every program’s icon and swap to will not be simpler all the time.

Minimize any program window to the system tray with MinimizeToTray

Want to decrease some packages to the system tray as an alternative? That’s what MinimizeToTray does. Don’t confuse this program with the widespread Thunderbird extension of the identical identify, and although you need to use it for the identical objective, you are higher off with ThunderBirdTray.

MinimizeToTray is a Windows program. The program is open supply and transportable. Extract the archive, run the EXE and it opens as a tray utility. Switch to the window that you really want to decrease to the tray, and use the hotkey Alt + F1; it will conceal the present window from view.

This technique additionally works with the Windows Task Bar, although I would not actually advocate utilizing this. You can decrease a number of purposes to the tray,  however you will want to use the hotkey for every program’s window. Once the purposes are minimized to the tray, they’re inaccessible through Alt + Tab. Don’t fear they’re nonetheless working in the background.

While testing it with varied home windows, I observed that it would not decrease Windows’ Task Manager to the tray. The fast handbook choice in the program’s tray menu explains why. Programs that have been opened with elevated privileges can’t be hidden by way of regular means utilizing MinimizeToTray. You’ll want to run the utility with administrator rights to drive different admin-elevated packages to decrease to the tray. Since Task Manager is a system utility, it is working with administrator privileges. Opening MinimizeToTray as an administrator allowed sending the program to the tray.

MinimizeToTray restore all windows

To restore a minimized window, use the key combo Alt + F2. There is one other approach to restore minimized home windows, and that is by utilizing the MinimizeToTray icon. Right-click on it to view the listing of hidden home windows. Mouse over the program that you really want to restore, and left-click on it. If you’ve gotten hidden multiple window, you need to use the F10 key to restore them all of sudden. Or use the tray icon’s “Restore all Windows” choice.

The program’s system tray icon has an Options menu that lists two settings. The first choice is used to drive “Alt + F4” exit the window’s course of, the program’s default exit shortcut is Shift + Escape. The different choice, when enabled, will restore all hidden home windows if you shut MiniMizeToTray.

MinimizeToTray options

The program doesn’t save its settings, i.e. there is no such thing as a INI file. While that may be a very good factor, what this additionally implies is that sadly there is no such thing as a choice to customise the keyboard shortcuts.

MinimizeToTray is a script written utilizing AutoIT. If you learn our evaluate of Batch Image Cropper, you are most likely conscious that antivirus packages have a tendency to flag AutoIT scripts as malware. These are often false positives, and that appears to be the identical case with the tray utility. VirusTotal studies 6 detections and three of these are low confidence (low variety of customers) rankings. Major antivirus distributors have given it a clear chit. Head to the GitHub web page and click on on “MinimizeToTray.au3” to view the supply code of the script.

The program works properly however the keyboard shortcuts might’ve been higher, they are not precisely simple to attain whereas typing.

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