Hide the Start Button and System Tray, center the taskbar icons or make it transparent with TaskbarDock

There are a couple of methods to customise the Windows Taskbar, we reviewed a couple of months in the past FalconX and have been impressed with its performance.

Hide the Start Button and System Tray, center the taskbar icons or make it transparent with TaskbarDock

TaskbarDock is one other open supply program that allows you to set the Taskbar icons to the center, flip the bar transparent and extra.

Note: The software remains to be in testing section and the “Dock” characteristic in the identify has nonetheless not been added to the program. But it has fairly a couple of different options that work completely fantastic already.

The program is transportable, extract it to a folder and run it. You’ll see its icon seem on the system tray. Right-click on it to view a context menu, technically that is the program’s present interface.

The Show Start Button can be utilized to toggle the Windows Start Button’s visibility. The button will seem whenever you mouse over it, and auto-hides itself whenever you transfer the cursor away. Show Tray does the similar factor, however for the system tray. So if you happen to disable the Tray and the Start Button, you possibly can have simply the taskbar icons seen which supplies it form of a cool dock-like look.

center the taskbar icons or make it transparent with TaskbarDock

Use the Transparent choice to show the taskbar opaque. How good the bar seems to be depends upon the wallpaper that you’ve got set as the desktop background, and clearly that is much more noticeable with gentle coloured backdrops. Oh, and the transparency works with the system tray and the begin button too.

Taskbardock center icons

(Icons Centered)

Next is the Center choice, which, when enabled, will place your taskbar icons in the center of the bar, as in your monitor’s center. The Center Relative choice does the similar factor, however it locations the icons equidistantly away from the Start Button and the Tray.

Taskbardock center relative icons

(Icons Centered comparatively)

The Small Icons menu merchandise modifications the icons to a small dimension. Exiting the software undoes all modifications made by it, apart from the change to small icons. That’s as a result of TaskbarDock makes use of Windows’ built-in choice for this. Maybe it resets to the default setting as a result of it’s a conveyable software, and if the person deletes the folder or forgets which program modified it, that could be a headache. Enable the “Start with Windows” choice to avoid wasting your self the effort of operating the software manually each time you reboot the laptop. The software saves its settings in an INI file that is created in the folder you extracted its archive to.

Double-click the system tray icon to carry up its main interface. The motive I did not point out this earlier is as a result of most of the choices aren’t working but. Customize Pinned Icons throws an error, whereas the Docks, Theme and Misc tabs are clean. The Settings tab has the similar choices as the right-click menu.

Taskbardock gui

According to the GitHub web page of TaskbarDock, the developer plans so as to add assist for TileDock, which is able to let you dock a bunch of functions in a tile. There are two different choices which can arrive in the future; customization of Pinned Icons and Taskbar skins. Digging into the settings.ini reveals that the pores and skin choice is disabled, which makes me marvel if that is the subsequent characteristic to be added to the program.

You might change the Taskbar settings in Windows 10 and nonetheless use this program’s options, it works fantastic. It’d have been good to use considered one of the options (like center the taskbar) and give up the software as an alternative of getting it run on the tray all the time. But that is not an enormous deal.

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