Grab text that isn’t clickable from dialog boxes using GetWindowText

There are instances once we might wish to click on on an software’s window and replica some text from the interface. Except generally it will not be attainable as text will not be selectable.

Grab text that isn't clickable from dialog boxes using GetWindowText

Well, you may get the text even when it isn’t clickable with the assistance of instruments like Textify or may use this trick to copy Windows error messages.

GetWindowText is an identical freeware and moveable software program that can seize text from the home windows of different purposes. That being stated, this isn’t an OCR software program.

Tip: find out how to copy text on sites that block it.

How to make use of GetWindowText to seize text

The software has a really minimalistic interface, with a big text field within the center, a button on its left, and three extra on the prime of the window. The textbox in this system tells you what to do. Click on the button subsequent to it (has a ? image), and drag it onto the window that you wish to copy the text from.

The content material beneath the mouse’s location ought to seem within the textbox in GetWindowText’s interface.  When you mouse over varied text parts, you will note the text change within the field. Use this to preview and seize the text. The smaller text field on the underside of the GUI, shows some technical info such because the mouse’s location, and the window’s class ID.

GetWindowText capture text

Copy it using Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C or the right-click menu, or simply click on on the copy button on the highest of the window to repeat the complete contents of the field. Selecting the globe icon opens a tab in your internet browser, that incorporates the text that this system captured. Here’s an animated demo that reveals you the way it works.

GetWindowText demo

GetWindowText is about to stay “Always on Top”, however it may be toggled if that bothers you. The program sits within the system tray once you reduce it. To stop this system, click on on the Options menu and choose “Exit”. The  program has some transparency controls that can be utilized to set the opacity stage (zero, 50 or 100%), which is helpful in case you discover this system distracting or obstructing the view.

It works brilliantly with the “installer interface” of most applications, Windows Explorer’s tree view to call some examples. It doesn’t work with the weather within the interface of Firefox, Thunderbird, Word, and so forth. This is because of the method these applications are designed and show the content material. So it solely captures the window title. This shouldn’t be a serious difficulty, because the text content material in these applications could be copied usually.

The Windows Task Manager is an exception, whereas GetWindowText cannot get the text from a lot of the Task Manager tabs, click on on the Details tab and you may see that it does seize the text from it. If you discover that it does not work with a program or a part of some software’s interface, click on on the Options menu  and choose “Start in administrator mode” to grant it elevated rights. For occasion, this works properly with Device Manager.

GetWindowText capture text example

GetWindowText is made by Nenad Hrg, the developer behind DirPrintOK and Q-Dir.

Most of us would have had some program or driver crash and show some error message. Often, these messages are lengthy, and complicated. You can strive using GetWindowText to shortly seize the crash log or error code, for technical help in such conditions.

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