Google Chrome: remove suggestions from the address bar using the mouse

Google is engaged on a brand new Chrome characteristic presently to enhance consumer management and interplay with address bar suggestions exhibited to the consumer.

When you sort textual content into the address bar, Chrome shows a listing of suggestions routinely by default. The browser pulls these from the looking historical past, open tabs, but in addition from search.

A click on opens any of those straight away or switches to the tab if the web page is already open. Current variations of Chrome provide little in relation to managing suggestions or deleting them.

Tech savvy customers know that Chrome supports deleting suggestions in two methods: use the keyboard to delete suggestions individually, or delete them in the looking historical past as a substitute. The keyboard possibility works however shouldn’t be very practicable as it’s important to use the arrow keys to pick the suggestion and use Shift-Delete to remove it from Chrome.

Tip: you can even delete auto-suggestions in Chrome which might be displayed once you sort textual content in kind fields.

Removing suggestions in Chrome

chrome remove suggestion

Google added a brand new experimental flag to Chrome Canary lately that improves consumer choices in relation to suggestions in the browser. Enabling the flag provides mouse choices to Chrome to remove suggestions that the browser shows.

Note: experimental options could come and go with out discover. Some land in Chrome natively after a while, others could also be eliminated with out being launched.

Here is the way you allow the characteristic proper now:

  1. Load chrome://flags/#omnibox-suggestion-transparency-options in the address bar of the browser.
  2. Set the flag Omnibox Suggestion Transparency Options to Enabled.
  3. Restart the Chrome internet browser.

The experimental flag has the following description:

Improves transparency of and management over omnibox suggestions. This contains UI cues (like a clock icon for Search History suggestions), in addition to consumer controls to delete personalised suggestions.

You can right-click on suggestions in Chrome to remove suggestions that the browser shows once you sort textual content in the address bar.

The elimination possibility is activated for any suggestion that’s pulled from the looking historical past. Chrome shows a affirmation immediate when you choose “remove suggestion” from the context menu.

google remove suggestion

Selecting “remove” deletes the entry from the looking historical past, cancel stops the course of and retains the entry in the historical past.

The core distinction to using the keyboard is that verification immediate. The keyboard methodology works higher if you might want to remove a number of suggestions which might be displayed by Chrome, and it could work higher for customers who’re used to executing duties from the keyboard.

The new consumer interface possibility makes the moderately hidden possibility of eradicating suggestions accessible to a bigger pool of customers.

Now You: How do you deal with suggestions in your browser of alternative?

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