Get on-screen icons for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock with addLEDs

If you might have a laptop computer or a keyboard that is lacking the LED for Caps Lock and different keys, you should use one thing like 7Caps as a workaround. The program addLEDs is an alternate for it and additionally freeware.


The software is moveable, so you may run it from any location or put it on a USB drive. It sits on the system tray and shows 5 icons by default that require some rationalization: N, D, s, a and 1. They symbolize Network Activity, Disk Activity, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock and Num Lock respectively.

The first two icons, Network Activity and Disk Activity, are energetic indicators that blink in real-time (background coloration adjustments for a split-second) so you may see when one thing is accessing the web or if the drive is getting used. The software inverts the colour of the background and the textual content to show the standing, and it is fairly simple to note.

For e.g. if Num Lock is off, the 1 icon has a black background whereas the quantity is displayed in white. When you allow Num Lock, the background adjustments to white and the quantity to black.  The Caps Lock secret is distinctive in that it’ll change the letter’s case, a turns into A (alongside with the colour shift).

Here’s what addLEDs seems like

addleds demo

Right-click on one of many icons to entry addLEDs context menu. The “Icon profile” menu means that you can change the background coloration of the icons. You can select from: Transparent (background), Black/White, Green/Red, Blue/Red, Green/Blue/Red and Blue/Green/Red. Personally I favored the Transparent and Black/White choices since they go nicely with different theme colors (Windows themes). If the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock key in your keyboard is damaged, you should use the “Switch” menu to allow them. That will be fairly helpful till you get the important thing repaired/changed.

AddLEDs context menu

Having all of the icons on the tray does make it a bit cluttered, however you may disable those you don’t need. Click on the Show menu choice and toggle the indicator to cover it from the tray. For e.g. should you do not just like the Network and Disk Activity indicators, disable them and you will solely see the others.

The Others menu has just a few Settings that you would be able to allow. Modify the Network Sensitivity to 100/300/1000/3000/10000 bytes, and this adjustments the speed at which the Network Activity indicator blinks. The decrease the bytes, the sooner it blinks and vice versa. The “change theme” choice to make the addLEDs context menu use a darkish theme.  The “Classic Font” adjustments the menu’s textual content fashion and makes use of a bigger measurement.

Wouldn’t or not it’s higher if a sound was performed to point the change from Caps Lock off to On? Use the Sound choice to allow this function; it really works with Scroll Lock and Num Lock as nicely. A brief beep sound can be performed while you allow the keys, however there is no such thing as a option to customise it.

Note: The Tools menu hyperlinks to different packages from the developer.

Though the applying is moveable, you may set it to autostart should you discover it helpful. The setting for that is accessible within the Options menu.

addLEDs is from WinTools, the developer of Easy Dark Mode.

What do you like? Indicators on the system tray or the floating-pill fashion of sevenCaps?

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