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Firefox Shield study to import Windows root certificates

Mozilla desires to consider the influence that the importing of Windows root certificates has on Firefox.

Firefox makes use of its personal certificates retailer when it validates certificates of web site connections by default. While that’s helpful with reference to management that Mozilla has over certificates, it not too long ago introduces a difficulty that precipitated connections to safe websites to fail within the browser.

Mozilla had to halt the distribution of Firefox 65 to handle the problem. The concern was brought on by third-party antivirus engines that put in their very own certificates into the Firefox certificates retailer to allow SSL scanning.

Firefox customers would obtain “your connection shouldn’t be safe” and “SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER” connection errors if affected by the problem.

connection not secure firefox

Users may disable HTTPS scanning within the antivirus answer of alternative or flip a desire in Firefox that might enable the browser to import certificates from the Windows Certificate retailer to mitigate the problem.

Mozilla found that the problem may have been prevented if Firefox would use certificates from the Windows Certificate retailer.

Mozilla wants to discover out if utilizing certificates from the Windows Certificate retailer has any unfavorable results on Firefox. The assumption is that there will not be any ill-effects; if that’s the case, Firefox will import Windows root certificates by default going ahead.

The safety workforce confirmed that having the desire safety.enterprise_roots.enabled set to true would have mounted all of those points with out identified regressions and we would like to validate that within the presence of an AV, enabling this desire would have a constructive influence on retention and engagement

The parameters of the Shield study:

  • Version: Firefox 66
  • Platform: Windows eight.1 and Windows 10.
  • Other: Antivirus put in that isn’t Windows Defender.

A check group and a management group is chosen. The check group could have the desire safety.enterprise_roots.enabled set to True whereas the management group will not. The default worth of the desire is fake.

The desire defines whether or not Firefox will use certificates from the Windows Certificate retailer (True) or not (False). The parameter has been added in Firefox 49 with a default worth of False.

Telemetry can be collected to decide the influence of the desire change. Firefox customers who don’t desire certificates from Windows to be imported can set the parameter to False to stop that from taking place.

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