Firefox not remembering the last window size? This may fix it!

Some months in the past, I began to note that the Firefox net browser was not remembering its window dimension when closed and reopened.

I normally run Firefox on one half of the display screen on a 1920×1080 monitor on a Windows PC. Firefox would open and by doing so, change its window dimension so small hole was left at the backside of the browser window and the Windows taskbar.

While it’s straightforward sufficient to make the browser match the house, e.g. by dragging its window to the left aspect of the monitor to have it develop routinely, it was one thing that left me puzzled.

It did not actually hassle me an excessive amount of however when a person on Reddit pointed to a attainable resolution, I needed to strive it to see if the proposed resolution would fix the problem on my finish.

The person steered that Firefox’s fingerprinting protections had one thing to do with it. Firefox customers can allow further fingerprinting safety in the browser by altering a desire. Doing so blocks or mitigates sure fingerprinting methods and knowledge gathering strategies.

One of the strategies impacts window dimensions; principally, what Firefox does is ready home windows to rounded dimensions routinely if the function is enabled to mitigate fingerprinting methods that learn the window dimension.

firefox window dimensions fingerprinting

I made a decision to provide it a attempt to see if fingerprinting safety was enabled in the browser, and if turning it off would resolve the display screen dimension problem.

Here is what I did:

  1. Load about:config in the Firefox tackle bar.
  2. Confirm that you may be cautious if the warning message is displayed.
  3. Search for¬†privateness.resistFingerprinting. If the desire is ready to True, the further fingerprinting safety is enabled, whether it is set to False, it’s disabled.
  4. If True, set it to False and restart Firefox.

The desire was set to True on the system. I modified its standing to False and restarted Firefox. Firefox did keep in mind the right window dimensions this time after I restarted it, and additional assessments confirmed that the browser remembered the window dimensions every time I began it.

So, in case you run into that problem you may wish to verify the desire to see whether it is liable for that. It is as much as you then to maintain the safety enabled and stay with the rounded window dimensions, or flip it off and have Firefox keep in mind the proper window dimensions every time.

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