Firefox Nightly got a new secret Experiments Settings page

The latest model of Firefox Nightly got a new secret Experiments Settings page that customers of the browser might activate to regulate some options that Mozilla is engaged on presently.

Firefox Nightly is the leading edge improvement model of the Firefox net browser; it will get options first nevertheless it thought-about the least steady model of Firefox due to all the event that’s taking place underneath the hood.  Other Firefox channels, Beta and Developer, and much more Stable and ESR, are extra steady.

Mozilla might add options to Firefox Nightly which can be disabled by default or solely quickly enabled. Sometimes, it’s potential to allow these options on the superior preferences page about:config to check them immediately.

The new experimental page of the Firefox net browser brings a few of these options to the browser’s choices page.

firefox experiments

The page is disabled by default and it is advisable change a desire first to allow it. Here is how that’s carried out:

  1. Make positive you run at the very least Firefox Nightly 79 (examine Menu > Help > About Nightly).
  2. Open the about:config page within the Firefox deal with bar.
  3. Search for the desire browser.preferences.experimental.
  4. Set the desire to True to allow the experimental page in Firefox’s choices. To disable it once more, set the desire to False.

A restart will not be required. All it takes then is to load about:preferences#experimental within the browser’s deal with bar to entry the Nightly Experiments page instantly, or to pick out Menu > Options > Nightly Experiments as an alternative.

Firefox Nightly lists three experiments on the page. A warning has been added to the page that altering these settings might “influence Nightly efficiency or safety”.

The following experiments are listed on the page presently:

  • Support for AVIF — Adds experimental assist for the picture file format AVIF: AV1 to Firefox.
  • CSS Masonry Layout — Adds experimental assist for CSS Masonry Layout.
  • WebGPU — Enables the experimental API.

You might marvel concerning the function of the new page in Firefox’s settings as you might change the experimental options on or off on about:config as nicely. While that’s the case, including the choice to the preferences might enhance the discoverability of the new options supplied that the settings page itself has been enabled.

Now You: Do you flip experimental options on often?

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