Firefox 82 for Android with option to display the address bar permanently

An upcoming model of the new Firefox net browser for Android will function an option to make the address bar everlasting in the browser’s person interface.

Currently, when you use the Firefox net browser on Android, you’ll discover that the address bar hides itself mechanically when you begin scrolling down on a web page. The major thought behind that’s to improve the out there room for web site content material by hiding the address bar.

Other net browsers, Google Chrome for instance, use the identical method to improve the out there room for the precise web site.

firefox 82 android permanent address bar

It shouldn’t be crucial to scroll all the approach up to the high once more, as the address bar is displayed as quickly as you scroll up once more in Firefox and different browsers that use the function.

While some customers admire the function, others could dislike the hiding of the address bar because it hides the web site address and the browser’s personal menu when the web site is scrolled downwards.

Firefox 82, a brand new cellular model of Firefox that’s out there as a Nightly improvement model at present, consists of an option to make the address bar everlasting.

Choice is at all times finest when it comes to these options as it’s unattainable to please all customers in any other case. The default option stays the identical; Firefox hides the address bar while you scroll down.

Do the following to change the conduct:

  1. Make positive you run at the least Firefox 82.
  2. Select Menu > Settings.
  3. Select Customize on the web page that opens.
  4. Locate the “scroll to cover toolbar” toggle on the web page and flip it to set it to off (it’s displayed in grey whether it is off).

Firefox will not cover the address bar anymore while you scroll from that second on. You can undo the change at anytime by repeating the course of; simply ensure that the setting is ready to on (coloured).

Closing Words

Choice is often higher than no alternative, particularly when it comes to person interface conduct. A welcome change and hopefully one in all many to comply with when it comes to giving again choices to customers.

Now You: Do you like an always-visible address bar, or a hidden one on scroll?

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