Firefox 77 won’t connect to non-domain address bar entries with periods anymore (will search instead)

Mozilla plans to change the processing of address bar entries with periods (dots) that aren’t domains when it releases Firefox 77. Current variations of Firefox try to connect to entries with periods when they’re entered within the address bar of the browser. If you enter a phrase like “my.bat” or “console.log”, you’ll get a “Hmm. We’re having bother discovering that website.” in Firefox at present as Firefox provides https:// in entrance of the question as a result of it interprets the enter as being a website title that it ought to connect to. Note that Firefox interprets the phrase as a search time period if it incorporates areas.

The error is kind of widespread for filename searches. I prepend ? to the query every time I would like to run a search phrase with a interval to make Firefox search for the time period as an alternative of it making an attempt to connect to it because it considers the time period a website.

firefox search term period

Starting in Firefox 77, Firefox makes use of a distinct logic when it comes to address bar entries that include periods. Basically, if the time period isn’t a website, e.g. ghacks.internet, it handles the time period as a search. Means: Firefox maintains a listing of high stage domains (utilizing the public suffix lists); if the typed string incorporates a interval it checks it in opposition to that record to decide whether or not it ought to attempt to connect to it or run a search as an alternative.

Firefox customers who run the innovative Nightly model of the net browser will discover the change already. A search for console.log runs  a search within the latest model as an alternative of connecting to it.

firefox 77 address bar period

Firefox runs the search utilizing the default search engine in that case. It remains to be doable to prepend ? to the question to guarantee that Firefox runs a search for it. If you kind ?ghacks.internet, Firefox will run a search for the area title as an alternative of connecting to it.

Google Chrome, and different Chromium-based browsers, use the identical method to decide whether or not a consumer’s enter needs to be resolved or redirected to the search supplier configured within the net browser.

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 77 on June 2, 2020.

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