Firefox 71: new kiosk mode for the browser

Mozilla plans to combine kiosk mode performance in model 71 of the Firefox internet browser that customers of the browser could launch from the command line.

First requested greater than 17 years in the past, work on integrating a kiosk mode in the Firefox internet browser began 5 months in the past. Current Firefox Nightly variations help the new mode already.

Kiosk mode refers to a particular show mode that launches the browser with out interface components in fullscreen. It is totally different from the browser’s fullscreen mode that customers can activate with a faucet on the F11-key on the keyboard. F11 switches the browser to fullscreen and removes interface components by default, however these could be displayed by shifting the mouse to the prime; moreover, one other faucet on F11 exits fullscreen mode once more and restores the default searching mode.

firefox kiosk mode

Kiosk mode could be helpful to maximise the display screen house website or service is displayed in, or on presentation, demonstration, or customer-facing gadgets.

Firefox customers needed to depend on browser extensions up till now to combine a kiosk mode in the browser. Google implemented kiosk mode functionality in Chrome and customers could run Chrome in kiosk mode by beginning the browser with the –kiosk parameter.

Mozilla Firefox accepts the identical parameter as Google Chrome to launch kiosk mode. Just load Firefox with –kiosk as a parameter to launch the browser in that mode. You might also append a website URL to the command, e.g. –kiosk “https://www.ghacks.internet/”, to have it loaded by the browser straight.

Create a Firefox Kiosk Mode shortcut

firefox launch kiosk mode

Note that you must use Firefox 71 at the very least for kiosk mode performance. Select Menu > Help > About Firefox to show the model of the internet browser. The directions are for Windows.

  1. Open Start, search for Firefox, right-click on Firefox and choose create shortcut. It could also be a good suggestion to create a shortcut even you probably have one on the desktop already until you at all times need the browser to start out in kiosk mode.
  2. Right-click on the new shortcut and choose Properties from the context menu.
  3. In the goal area, append –kiosk and ensure there’s a house between the path and the parameter, e.g. “C:Program RecordsdataMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” –kiosk.
    1. To launch a selected website, add the website deal with to the parameter, e.g. “C:Program RecordsdataMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” –kiosk “https://www.ghacks.internet/”.
  4. Click okay.

Launch the shortcut to check the performance. Note that you just can’t use window controls, Esc or F11 to exit kiosk mode. The solely legitimate possibility at the time is to press Alt-F4 to shut the whole window.

Closing Words

Kiosk mode is a specialised mode that works properly for shows, demos and for buyer going through gadgets. I attempted the -printing parameter but it surely didn’t work at the time of writing.

Now You: have you ever ever used kiosk mode? What is your tackle the change (through Techdows)

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