Disk Encryption program DiskCryptor fork with UEFI and Windows 10 support

A fork of the disk encryption program DiskCryptor for the Windows working system is now out there as a primary beta model. The fork introduces support for UEFI/GPT and Microsoft’s Windows 10 working system.

I used DiskCryptor for fairly a while again when the unique model was nonetheless supported. You can try my preliminary guide on encrypting partitions with DiskCryptor, and the tips article on getting probably the most out of it.

Development resulted in 2014 and whereas the program did work advantageous for some time afterwards, it quickly grew to become obvious that this resulted in some options not being supported in any respect. The final model of DiskCryptor was launched earlier than the preliminary launch of Windows 10, and that model didn’t support UEFI both.

diskcryptor 1.2 fork

Now comes the fork of the mission and with it support for Windows 10 and UEFI. The first beta model of DiskCryptor 1.2 is now out there on the developers GitHub page. Since it’s a beta model, it’s suggested to create backups of necessary information earlier than utilizing the appliance. At finest, it’s suggested to apply it to take a look at methods solely till a secure model is launched.

Here is the primary new construct of DiskCryptor since 2014 its a fork of the mission and beginning with model 1.2 It comes with a UEFI suitable boot-loader and varied fixes to make it work with EFI installations on GPT disks.

Another difficulty that you’ll run into is that the present bootloader just isn’t signed for safe boot which signifies that safe boot must be disabled to make use of it. Additionally, for the reason that driver wanted updating, it needed to be signed and the developer had to make use of  a”leaked core signing certificates for that”. The impact is that some antivirus companies, e.g. from Microsoft, Avast, AVG, and TrendMicro, flag the appliance as probably malicious.

Closing Words

I preferred DiskCryptor rather a lot, much more so after the mysterious end of the encryption software TrueCrypt. I needed to swap to a special program, VeraCrypt, after I bumped into points utilizing DiskCryptor and the conclusion that growth ended and that these points wouldn’t be mounted.

The fork is in an early stage of growth however the lead developer managed to deal with a number of points, support for UEFI/GPT most necessary already. Some points, regarding signing and safe boot have to be addressed earlier than the primary secure model is launched.

Now You: do you encrypt your disks? (through Born)

Here are the modifications within the first beta model:


  • EFI bootloader
  • Shim bootloader to realize safe boot compatibility (https://habr.com/ru/publish/446238/)
  • Bootloader instalation routine for GPT partitions
  • Integrated EFI bootloader instalation within the CLI
  • Disk kind show to bootloader instalation dialog
  • Integrated EFI bootloader instalation within the GUI


  • Project moved to Visual Studio 2017, utilizing win 7 sdk for compatybility
  • Error messages now present an error string as an alternative of a cryptic error code


  • Enabled GUI excessive DPI consciousness
  • Fixed boot partitions not being correctly detected
  • Fixed driver uninstall not having the ability to delete dcrypt.sys

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