12 Picks from 2019 to kick of the new year

Happy New Year everybody! The year 2019 has ended and I believed it might be good to give you my high picks of articles and critiques that we revealed right here on Ghacks in the previous 12 months.

To make issues extra attention-grabbing, I made a decision to present some stats and add the high commented article of the month as nicely.

Ashwin joined the ranks of Ghacks writers in 2019 and has put out nice articles in 2019.

It could be nice for those who might record articles that you just appreciated the most right here on Ghacks in the feedback.

January 2019

basilisk browser webextensions

We revealed a complete if 93 articles in January 2019. The three hottest articles based mostly on the feedback they obtained have been the following ones:

All three have been about browser modifications and the dialogue was fairly heated.

My high choose is the guide on resetting Windows 10 account passwords.

February 2019

We revealed a complete of 83 articles in February 2019. The three high articles based mostly on feedback have been:

Two of them about browsers, one about Microsoft’s makes an attempt at convincing clients to subscribe to Office 365 as an alternative of buying Office 2019.

My high choose described my journey to drop all entertainment (streaming) subscriptions.

March 2019

A complete of 82 articles have been revealed in March 2019. The three high articles based mostly on consumer feedback have been:

Again two browser based mostly articles and one article about privateness. Microsoft did reveal the upcoming Edge browser that’s based mostly on Chromium in that month.

My matter choose in March 2019 was my review of VeraCrypt 1.24 which launched heaps of vital enhancements to the encryption software program.

April 2019

We revealed 93 articles in April 2019. The three articles that obtained the most feedback have been:

Two articles about Firefox and one about updates that broke performance in Windows (once more).

My high choose was the fix for Chrome blocking multimedia keys which was an annoying problem that many Chrome customers confronted.

May 2019

We revealed a complete of 93 articles on Ghacks in May 2019. The high three articles have been:

All three have been about Firefox points and Mozilla choices.

My high choose is a story about Gmail tracking purchases and the way it’s not possible to cease the service from doing so.

June 2019

We revealed a complete of 92 totally different articles on Ghacks in June 2019. The high three articles based mostly on feedback have been:

Again two Firefox/Mozilla articles, one about makes an attempt to diversify the group’s income stream, the different about the upcoming new Firefox for Android browser.

My choose for June 2019 is the article about Mozilla enabling Tracking Protection by default in Firefox.

July 2019

Ashwin joined the ranks and articles elevated to 101 in July 2019 as a consequence. The high three articles based mostly on feedback have been the following ones in July 2019:

Two browser articles and one evaluation of a Linux distribution which may be appropriate for Windows 7 customers who face finish of assist in January 2020.

My high choose is my guide on downloading and installing Windows updates manually.

August 2019

android browser choice screen

We continued to hit the over-100 mark in revealed articles with 106 in complete. The three most commented articles of August 2019 right here on Ghacks have been:

Articles about browsers proceed to get many feedback.

My high choose for August 2019 is the look at Thunderbird 68.0, a massive update.

September 2019

We revealed a complete of 100 articles in September 2019. The three high articles of September 2019 are:

Sandboxie turning into freeware (and open supply) was nice news in September 2019.

My high choose for September 2019 is my comparison of free archivers to discover the greatest instrument for the job.

October 2019

We revealed 109 articles in October 2019. The high three articles of October 2019 based mostly on the feedback they obtained have been:

Ghacks turned half of Softonic and the announcement obtained heaps of feedback. Google’s continued push to Manifest V3 and the potential impression for ad-blockers was a sizzling matter as nicely.

My high choose for October 2019 is that Mozilla started to work on native translation integration in Firefox.

November 2019

We revealed 98 articles in November 2019. The high three articles based mostly on feedback have been:

Windows 10 and privateness dominate the articles in November 2019,

My high choose of the month is Microsoft will integrate DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10.

December 2019

We revealed 104 articles in December 2019. The high three based mostly on feedback have been:

Ashwin obtained his first high commented article this month. Congrats.

My high choose for December 2019 is Google removes options to always show www in the Chrome browser’s address bar

Now You: Which articles did you want/dislike this year right here on Ghacks?

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