VMWare: Virtual Machine Disks Consolidation is Needed

The warning ‘Virtual Machine disks consolidation is wanted’ within the Summary tab of a digital machine within the VMware vSphere console signifies that when deleting a snapshot (utilizing the choice Delete or Delete All), the snapshot VMDK information or logs haven’t been deleted appropriately (stay on the storage). This causes a digital machine backup errors.

vmware warning: Virtual Machine disks consolidation is needed’

The most common causes of the ‘Virtual Machine disks consolidation is wanted’ error are:

  1. Poor storage efficiency, because of which snapshots can’t be deleted/consolidated because of a timeout or a big measurement of a snapshot;
  2. There is not sufficient area on the VMFS retailer to carry out consolidation;
  3. vSphere or a third-party app (as a rule, it is a backup software, like HP DataPtotector, Veeam or Netapp VSC) has locked snapshot information. Make positive that there are not any operating processes of a digital machine backup;
  4. Connection issues (probably short-term) between the vCenter server and the ESXi host.

To repair the error ‘Virtual machine Consolidation Needed’, right-click on the digital machine and choose VM -> Snapshots -> Consolidate.

consolidate snapshots in the vcenter console

A window with the next request seems:

Confirm Consolidate

This operation consolidates all redundant redo logs in your digital machine. Are you positive you wish to proceed?

This operation consolidates all redundant redo logs on your virtual machine

Confirm that you just wish to delete the redundant logs. Then vCenter will consolidate disks and clear the logs. The consolidation might take a couple of minutes and the VM efficiency might degrade.

consolidating vmdisks vsphere

After that the warning of the VM consolidation will disappear.

In some instances, throughout consolidation you may even see this error within the vSphere console:

Unable to entry file because it is locked. An error occurred whereas consolidating disks: Failed to lock the file. Consolidation failed for disk node ‘scsi0:zero’: Failed to lock the file.

vm consolidate: Unable to access file since it is locked. An error occurred while consolidating disks: Failed to lock the file. Consolidation failed for disk node

In this case VMware recommends to restart Management brokers on the ESXi server. To do it, hook up with the host through SSH and run this command:

providers.sh restart

restart Management agents on esxi: services.sh restart

However, you’ll be able to attempt to unlock the VM information as follows:

  1. Shutdown the VM if it is doable;
  2. Create a brand new snapshot;
  3. Delete all of the VM snapshots utilizing the ‘Delete All’ choice;
  4. Move the VM to a different ESXi utilizing vMotion;
  5. Try to consolidate snapshots as described above.

You can discover all digital machines that require consolidation utilizing PowerCLI. To do it, hook up with your vCenter server:

Connect-VIServer mun_vsphere.woshub.com

Get the listing of all VMs with the standing ‘Virtual machine disks consolidation is wanted’:

Get-VM | Where-Object

Now you’ll be able to consolidate the disks of all machines within the listing:

Get-VM | Where-Object | foreach

ConsolidateVMDisks using vmware powercli

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