VMWare: How to Find VMs by IP or MAC Address?

In the VMWare vSphere Client interface you possibly can search digital machines by their names solely. But in some instances it’s mandatory to discover the precise VMWare digital machine by its IP or MAC (NIC ) tackle.

It is less complicated to do it utilizing the VMWare PowerCLI that permits youy to search by completely different digital machine parameters.

Run the PowerCLI console and join to your vCenter server or ESXi host utilizing the next command:

Connect-VIServer vcenter-hq.woshub.com -User administrator

To discover a digital machine by its MAC tackle, use these instructions:

Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where-Object | Select-Object Parent,Name,MacAddress

find virtual machine by mac adress via powercli

As you possibly can see, the command has returned the identify of the digital machine with its MAC tackle.

You may also seek for a selected MAC tackle instantly within the digital machine configuration information (VMX) on the VMFS datastore. Connect to your ESXi host through SSH and run the command:

discover /vmfs/volumes | grep .vmx$ | whereas learn i; do grep -i "00:52:32:DD:12:91" "$i" && echo "$i"; accomplished

If you’ve VMware Tools put in in your digital machines, you possibly can search by the IP tackle of the visitor working system. For instance, you’ve to discover a VM with the precise IP tackle. Use the next instructions:

Get-VM * |where-object|choose Name, VMHost, PowerState,GuestId,@|ft

If you realize solely part of the IP tackle, use the next command:

Get-VM * |where-object|choose Name, VMHost, PowerState,@ ,@,@|ft

list vmware vms with ip address, os version and host name

The command will record the names and varieties of put in OSs of all digital machines which IP addresses match this sample.

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