Start Menu and Taskbar Search Not Working in Windows 10

Search in Windows 10 is used extra typically than in earlier Windows model. You can use Windows search to seek out an app, file, setting merchandise, system function and even search the Internet a lot quicker. However, in some circumstances, Windows 10 search in Start Menu, Cortana and Taskbar Search stops working: once you looking for an app or a file, an empty record is returned (as a rule, it occurs after putting in Windows updates or upgrading Windows 10 construct). In this text, we’ve put some primary tips that ought to assist if search in the Start Menu, Taskbar, Cortana or different Windows 10 interface parts doesn’t work correctly.

Many customers of Windows 10 on February 5, 2020 started to complain in regards to the search field breaking down (the search reveals clean outcomes). The downside is said to the momentary unavailability of cloud-based Bing search companies and is solved by disabling the Windows 10 search integration with Bing (see the answer “Blank Windows Search Result on Windows 10 with Bing Search Integration” beneath).

Restart Windows 10 Search Services

The Cortana course of (SearchUI.exe) is liable for the search from the Taskbar. If the search from the Windows 10 Taskbar doesn’t work, attempt to restart this course of:

  1. Run the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del);
  2. Go to the Details tab;
  3. Find SearchUI.exe in the record of processes, right-click on it and choose End Task;
  4. Similarly, kill the SearchApp.exe course of;
  5. The subsequent time you attempt to use Windows 10 search , these processes will robotically restart.

Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working

If the search doesn’t work solely in the Windows 10 Start menu, strive the next resolution:

  1. Kill the File Explorer (Explorer.exe) course of by right-clicking an empty area on taskbar with Ctrl+Shift pressed -> Exit Explorer or use the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc);kill explorer
  2. Run the Registry Editor from the Task Manager (File -> Create new activity -> regedit.exe);
  3. Delete the next registry key: HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFolderTypesTopViews. In the Windows 10 x64 you might want to delete the one other registry key HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion ExplorerFolderTypes TopViews .
  4. Start Explorer.exe utilizing the Task Manager (File -> Create new activity -> explorer.exe).

In Windows 10 Creator Update (1703) or newer, there may be one other frequent downside that outcomes in the search perform not working. In the Settings -> Privacy -> Background apps, allow the choice Let apps run in the background. If you disable this feature, the search among the many newly put in purposes might not work.

Let apps run in the background

If you may’t discover this feature, you may allow it via the registry:

  1. To do it, go to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersion BackgroundAccessApplications;
  2. Create a brand new DWORD (32-bit) parameter with the title GlobalUserDisabled and the worth zero;
  3. Then change the worth of the BackgroundAppGlobalToggle parameter to 1 in the registry key HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch;

    Or you may change these parameters from the command immediate:
    REG ADD HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionBackgroundAccessApplications /v GlobalUserDisabled /t REG_DWORD /d zero /f
    REG ADD HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch /v BackgroundAppGlobalToggle /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

  4. Restart your laptop.

Check the Search Service and Indexing Settings

Check if the Windows Search (Indexing) service is operating.

  1. Open the companies.msc console;
  2. Find Windows Search in the record of companies;
  3. Make certain that the service is operating and its startup sort is about to automated; Windows Search in windows 10
  4. Start/restart the WSearch service;
  5. Open the basic Control Panel and open the Indexing Options merchandise (Control PanelAll Control Panel ObjectsIndexing Options);
  6. Make certain that you choose the indexing of all crucial areas (at the very least the next indexing areas needs to be enabled: Start Menu, Users folder. Also, you may add your native drives and Outlook);
  7. Click Advanced button and then press Rebuild in the Troubleshooting part; rebuild search index
  8. The reindexing course of can take a while. Be affected person.

Run the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter

Try to begin a build-in Windows 10 Indexer Diagnostics (Troubleshooter) device. To do it:

  1. Go to Settings -> Search -> Searching Windows. Scroll down the record and click on on “Run the indexer troubleshooter to resolve frequent search points”;

    You can begin the Windows Search troubleshooter from the command immediate: msdt.exe -ep WindowsAssist id SearchDiagnostic


  2. The “Search and Indexing Services” troubleshoot wizard ought to launch;
  3. Select your downside (most definitely will probably be “Files don’t seem in search outcomes”) and click on Next;
  4. Wait till the “Search and Indexing troubleshooter” scans your laptop and tries to repair the errors. Then reboot the pc and examine the search end result.

Re-Register Universal Apps in Windows 10

If you’ve Cortana put in in your laptop, you may repair the search downside by re-registering all Universal Windows Platforms (UWP / Windows Store) apps in the system. To do it, run the next command in PowerShell began with the administrator privileges:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach

reregister apps in windows 10 to fix search problems

After the command completes, reboot the pc.

Blank Windows Search Result on Windows 10 with Bing Search Integration

On February 5, 2020, many customers seen that search from the taskbar or Start menu didn’t work on Windows 10 1909 and 1903. When you click on the Search icon or sort one thing in Start menu, it reveals a clean search window.

Most probably the reason for the issue is the inaccessibility of the Bing cloud search companies. The reality is that, by default, Windows 10 sends every little thing that you simply enter in the Start Menu search to its cloud servers, which return the search outcomes from Bing to you.

The best solution to repair this downside is to disable Windows 10 Search Integration with Microsoft Bing Search.

  1. Run the Registry Editor (Win+R -> regedit.exe);
  2. Go to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch;
  3. Change the worth of the BingSearchEnabled and CortanaConsent parameters to zero;

    If these registry settings are lacking, create them manually (use the  REG_DWORD 32 parameter sort). You can create and set these parameter values with the next instructions:
    REG ADD HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch /v BingSearchEnabled /t REG_DWORD /d zero /f
    REG ADD HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionSearch /v CortanaConsent /t REG_DWORD /d zero /f

  4. Restart the Explorer.exe course of or reboot your laptop.

This resolution will assist in case you have a search field open, however nothing seems when specifying the textual content to go looking. At the time of this writing, Microsoft engineers had already mounted the issue with Bing, and Windows Search Services started to work effective. Although in my opinion the combination of Windows 10 search with Bing service needs to be completely disabled.

Windows 10 Setting Search Not Working

Windows 10 Settings app has its personal search field for fast entry of system settings. If the search in the Setting menu stops working:

  1. Open the File Explorer and go to the listing %LocalAppData%Packageswindows.immersivecontrolpanel_cw5n1h2txyewyLocalState;
  2. Open the properties of the Indexed folder and click on the Advanced button. Make certain that the choice “Allow recordsdata in this folder to have contents listed in addition to file properties” is enabled;
  3. If the choice is already enabled, disable it, click on OK, and then re-enable it.

Reset Windows Search with PowerShell Script

If the strategies described above didn’t enable you to revive the Windows 10 search, Microsoft recommends utilizing the PowerShell script to reset all settings of the Windows Search service (the script is designed for Windows 10 1903 and newer).

Download the ResetWindowsSearchField.ps1 PowerShell script from the hyperlink and run it in your laptop.

Some Other Ways To Fix Search Problem on Windows 10

If the strategies mentioned above didn’t assist to repair the search difficulty, strive the next further choices:

  • Create a brand new consumer and examine that the Windows 10 search is working underneath the brand new account;
  • Boot from the LiveCD and take away the folder C:Documents and SettingsusernameAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.Windows.Cortana_****** ( alternatively, you should utilize the unlocker device to kill this folder lock course of). Reboot your laptop. The Cortana folder will seem once more and after a couple of minutes the search ought to work (this technique has helped a number of of our subscribers);
  • Check the system recordsdata integrity utilizing the instructions: sfc /scannow  or dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • If there are search issues in the Microsoft Outlook, comply with the one other information: .

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