How to Blacklist/Block Sender Domain or an Email Address on Exchange?

Exchange Server permits you to block (reject) emails from the undesirable sender domains or sure e-mail addresses. This permits you to configure additional spam safety (as well as to we thought-about earlier), if some spam mail outs are go by means of your anti-spam system.
An Exchange administrator can block the supply of emails despatched from the sure exterior domains or addresses to the person mailboxes utilizing ECP graphical interface or PowerShell (EMS).

Sender Filtering Agent in Exchange

You can allow sender filtering utilizing the Sender Filter agent. Enable the sender filtering agent first:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -Enabled $true

If you want to filter solely exterior senders, run this command:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -ExteriorMailEnabled $true

Now you’ll be able to specify the checklist of e-mail addresses to be blocked. For instance:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedSenders [email protected],[email protected]

You can block all senders from sure domains:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains,masssend.web

To get the checklist of blocked e-mail addresses, run the command:

Get-SenderFilterConfig |fl BlockedSenders,BlockedDomains,BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains

If you need to add new objects to the checklist of blocked domains/addresses, use:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedSenders @


Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains @

To take away the particular e-mail addresses from the Exchange blacklist, run these instructions:

Set-SenderFilterConfig -BlockedSenders @

This will take away solely the addresses you might have specified however not the entire checklist.


Set-SenderFilterConfig –BlockedDomainsAndSubdomains @

Tip. You may also block a complete IP subnet or a particular IP deal with:

Add-IPBlockListEntry -IPAddress

Blocking Emails with the Exchange Transport Rules

An Exchange administrator can block emails from a sure senders or domains utilizing Exchange transport guidelines. You can create them in ECP. Open the Exchange Admin Center and choose Mail movement.

exchange admin center mail flow

Create a brand new rule. Add the situation The sender -> is the particular person or area is and specify the sender e-mail addresses or domains to be blocked.

configuring blocking sender domain rule in exchange

If you need to block all exterior emails, choose the choice that The sender is situated… -> Outside the group. Click More choices.

transport rule for sender outside the organization
Then add the motion (Add Action) -> Block the message. You can block an e-mail and ship an clarification to the sender (Reject the message and embrace an clarification) or NDR with the error code or delete the e-mail message with out sending any notification.

exchange transport rule - Reject the message and include an explanation

Specify the rule precedence and put it aside.

You may also create a transport rule utilizing PowerShell:

New-TransportRule -Name 'Block Spammers' -Comments 'Rule to block spammers' -Priority 'zero' -Enabled -FromAddressContainsWords '[email protected]' -DeleteMessage $true

How to Block a Sender in Exchange Mailbox?

You can block senders for the mailbox of the particular person as a substitute of the entire Exchange group. The checklist of trusted and blocked customers may be set in OWA (Options -> block or permit). To block an e-mail deal with, simply add these addresses or domains to the Blocked Senders checklist and save the modifications.

owa - blocked senders

The similar may be finished in Outlook. In the Outlook 2016 go to the Home tab, click on the Junk drop-down checklist and choose Junk E-mail Options.

outlook 2016 configure junk emals sender list

On the Blocked Senders tab, add the e-mail addresses or domains you don’t need to obtain emails from to the checklist.

outlook blocked senders

An Exchange administrator can handle the checklist of blocked domains and e-mail addresses of a sure mailbox utilizing PowerShell:

Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration –Identity jrobinson | FL BlockedSendersandDomains

You can add a brand new sender deal with to the Junk checklist:

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity jrobinson –BlockedSendersandDomains @

Or you’ll be able to take away the particular e-mail deal with from the checklist of blocked senders:

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity jrobinson –BlockedSendersandDomains @

In the identical approach, you’ll be able to .

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