Assign Multiple IP Addresses (Aliases) to a Single NIC

In some circumstances an administrator wants to configure a number of IP addresses one a single community interface (NIC) in Windows. An instance of such conditions will be the necessity to run with distinctive IP addresses and SSL certificates (e. g., ) on one IIS or Apache server, making ready to change of IP addressing in a subnet, binding the functions to totally different IP addresses, and so forth.

Let’s think about how to add a further static IP deal with on a community interface in Windows 10 (in the identical method you’ll be able to add a further IP deal with to a NIC on Windows Server). First of all, guarantee that just one IP deal with is assigned to your Ethernet community adapter. To do it, run this command:


ipconfig - getting current ip address

As you’ll be able to see, one IP deal with ( is assigned to the native community connection (it’s referred to as Ethernetzero in my case).

You can add the second static IP deal with in a variety of methods.

How to Add an Additional IP Address by way of Windows GUI?

You can add the second IP deal with from the Windows GUI.

  1. Open the Control Panel –> Network and Internet –> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings (or simply run the ncpa.cpl command);
  2. Open the properties of your community interface;
  3. Select TCP/IP v4 within the listing of protocols and click on Properties; tcp-ip properties windows 10
  4. Click the Advanced button after which press Add within the IP Addresses part;
  5. Specify a further IP deal with, IP subnet masks and click on Add;
  6. Save the modifications by clicking OK a number of instances. Assigning multiple IP addresses to single NIC in Windows 10

Using the ipconfig command, guarantee that the second IP deal with has appeared on this interface.

Adding additional IP addresses on windows

Check the supply of the second IP deal with from different computer systems in the identical community utilizing the ping command. It ought to reply.

ping the secondary ip address

SkipAsSupply Flag

The major downside of including the second IP deal with utilizing this technique is that the SkipAsSupply (SkipAsSupply=False) flag isn’t enabled for it. If SkipAsSupply is enabled (True), the IP deal with gained’t be utilized by the system for outbound connections, besides whether it is explicitly utilized by a sure utility. Also, if the flag is enabled, the second IP deal with isn’t registered within the DNS (even when the dynamic registration is enabled). In common, you’ll be able to set the primary IP deal with utilizing SkipAsSupply parameter.

How to Assign the Second IP Address Using Netsh Command?

You can assign a further IP deal with from the command immediate utilizing the Netsh utility. This command additionally permits you to set the SkipAsSupply for an IP deal with.

Open the command immediate as administrator and run this command:

Netsh int ipv4 add deal with identify="Local Area Connection" SkipAsSupply=True

Adding Secondary IP Address Using PowerShell

You may also add a second IP alias to a community interface utilizing the NetIPAddress PowerShell cmdlets (this cmdlet appeared in PowerShell model in Windows 2012 / Windows eight.)

Display the listing of obtainable interfaces:

Get-NetIPAddress | ft IPAddress, InterfaceAlias, SkipAsSupply


IPAddress InterfaceAlias SkipAsSupply<
--------- -------------- ------------ vEthernet False Ethernetzero False Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 False

To add a further IP deal with for the Ethernetzero NIC, run this command:

New-NetIPAddress –IPAddress –PrefixLength 24 –InterfaceAlias “Ethernetzero” –SkipAsSupply $True

New-NetIPAddress adding the secondary ip alias to a NIC
IPAddress :
InterfaceIndex : 11
InterfaceAlias : Ethernetzero
AddressHousehold : IPv4
Type : Unicast
PrefixLength : 24
PrefixOrigin : Manual
SuffixOrigin : Manual
AddressState : Tentative
ValidLifetime : Infinite ([TimeSpan]::MaxValue)
PreferredLifetime : Infinite ([TimeSpan]::MaxValue)
SkipAsSupply : True
PolicyStore : ActiveStore

To modify SkipAsSupply parameter and permit the outgoing site visitors from this IP deal with of the community interface, use this command:

Get-NetIPAddress | Set-NetIPAddress -SkipAsSupply $False

powershell: Set-NetIPAddress SkipAsSource

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