Control Panel Mail App Not Found on Windows 10

A person reported a lacking Mail app icon within the Control Panel on a pc operating Windows 10 1903. Office 365 is put in on the pc, and Outlook is used to entry Exchange mailbox, accordingly the person can’t handle the e-mail profiles with out this software.

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Create & Manage DNS Zones and Records with PowerShell

A Windows administrator can use the nice previous Dnscmd cli device or DNSServer module for PowerShell to handle DNS zones and information. In this text we’ll cowl the fundamental operations of bulk creating, modification, and eradicating totally different DNS information or zones utilizing PowerShell. DNSServer PowerShell Module The DNSServer module …

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IPMI: Configuring SuperMicro Remote Management Interface

Recently I’ve had an opportunity to work with SuperMicro servers that have been new to me. SuperMicro servers will be are managed remotely utilizing the IPMI interface. In this text I’ll attempt to present fundamental steps of IPMI configuration and inform about extra instruments, instructions and strategies of SuperMicro server …

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