How to Eat Pomegranate Seeds (Arils): Benefits, Nutrition Facts & Storage

The pomegranate is a scrumptious fruit that anybody can have. People need to know extra about it, particularly how to eat pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit-bearing shrub within the Lythraceae household that often grows between 5 and 10 meters tall.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the pomegranate season lasts from September to February, whereas within the Southern Hemisphere, it’s from March to May. The pomegranate originated within the area stretching from modern-day Iran to northern India.

Today, the fruit is cultivated all through the Middle East and the Caucasus area, South Asia, Central Asia, north and tropical Africa, and in elements of the Mediterranean area. It can be grown in elements of Arizona and California.

The greatest pomegranates are ripe, deep-colored with a purple to reddish-brown outer rind, and heavy for his or her measurement. Their robust, leathery shells open to reveal clusters of seeds referred to as arils, that are crammed with juice however coated in inedible pith.

What Exactly Is a Pomegranate Aril?

What is an aril? It’s merely the fleshy protecting of the seeds discovered inside a pomegranate. The distinctive inside of the fruit is kind of a sight to behold. The translucent, ruby-colored flesh coats a tiny, white or pink seed, however your complete aril may be eaten.

How to Eat Pomegranate Seeds (Arils)

How to Select the Best Fresh Pomegranate

  • Heaviness: The weight of the pomegranate signifies how juicy it’s. Lighter pomegranates don’t comprise as a lot juice as heavier ones.
  • Rind coloration: Look for pomegranates with deep-colored purple rinds. The rinds are available in a spread of colours, from pinkish to shiny purple and even brown. They also needs to be shiny.
  • Shape: A ripe pomegranate could have extra of a sq. form as a result of the edges might be flattened as an alternative of being rounded.
  • Firmness: Check for bruises in your pomegranates by holding every pomegranate and gently squeezing it. They ought to be agency, with no tender spots.
  • Surface: You’ll need a pomegranate with a clean, even floor. However, in very ripe pomegranates, the rind could also be cut up open due to the increasing, juice-filled seeds.

How to Remove the Seeds from the Pomegranate

  • Choose a pomegranate with skinny, robust, and even pores and skin. A heavier pomegranate is a juicier pomegranate.
  • Use a pointy knife to slice off the crown. Score the pomegranate such that you possibly can break it into quarters.
  • Soak the fruit in chilly water to loosen up the seeds. With the pomegranate underwater, gently pull the fruit aside into quarters.
  • Use your fingers to separate the seeds in every quarter slice, and acquire them from the water.
  • Let the seeds dry for 5 minutes, and luxuriate in.
  • To avoid wasting for later, place the seeds in an hermetic container and refrigerate them for up to three days. You can even freeze them for up to six months.

What Is the Best Way to Store an Unopened Pomegranate?

  • It’s greatest to retailer pomegranates within the fridge. Whole pomegranates may be saved on the counter, however they’ll last more within the fridge.
  • Again, pomegranate seeds ought to be refrigerated in an hermetic container. Be certain to use a glass or ceramic container as a result of the seeds simply soak up dangerous chemical compounds from plastic containers.
  • For long-term storage, pomegranate seeds may be sealed in a freezer-safe container and frozen.

Recipes to Try While Pomegranates Are in Season

Some mouth-watering pomegranate recipes that you need to attempt are:

1. Pomegranate Dip with Goat Cheese

Ingredients – four ounces tender goat cheese, 1/four cup heavy cream, 1 tablespoon lemon zest, 1 teaspoon chopped recent thyme, 1/four teaspoon salt, 1/four teaspoon freshly floor black pepper, three teaspoons honey, half of cup pomegranate seeds (arils), endive leaves for serving

How to Make It

Using an electrical mixer on excessive velocity, whisk the goat cheese and cream in a medium-sized bowl for about two minutes. The combine ought to be mild and fluffy.

Add lemon zest, thyme, salt, pepper, and two teaspoons of the honey, then beat till they mix for about one minute.

Fold in six tablespoons of the pomegranate seeds.

Sprinkle the remaining two tablespoons of pomegranate seeds on high and drizzle with the remaining one teaspoon of honey.

Serve in endive leaves.

2. Pomegranate Margaritas

Ingredients – 1 tablespoon lime zest; 1 cup pomegranate juice, chilled; ½ cup lime juice; 1 cup blanco tequila, chilled; ¼ cup triple sec liqueur; 1 lime wedge; 2 tablespoons do-it-yourself easy syrup; ice cubes; pomegranate seeds, for garnish; lime slices, for garnish

How to Make It

Sprinkle lime zest on a small plate.

Combine pomegranate juice, lime juice, tequila, triple sec liqueur, and easy syrup in a pitcher.

Rub the lime wedge across the rims of six glasses and dip within the zest.

Fill the glasses with ice and pour a few half cup of the margarita combination in every.

Garnish with pomegranate seeds and lime slices.

three. Spiced Pomegranate and Pears

Ingredients – 1 pomegranate, peeled; three pears, peeled, cured, and minimize into wedges; 1 tablespoon recent lemon juice; 2 tablespoons mild brown sugar; half of teaspoon floor cinnamon; 1/four teaspoon floor nutmeg; 2 tablespoons almonds, finely chopped; four sprigs recent mint leaves, for garnish

How to Make It

Place the pomegranate seeds and sliced pears in a bowl, tossing them with lemon juice to coat.

Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in a small bowl, then add the combination to the fruit. Blend properly.

Refrigerate for at the least one hour, coated, to mix the flavors.

Serve in particular person dishes and garnish every with a sprig of mint and chopped almonds.

Pomegranate Nutrient Composition

The beneath chart options the pomegranate’s dietary data for a serving of 1 pomegranate (four″ diameter) (282 g).




11.three g (45% DV)


38.5 g

four.7 g (9% DV)


52.7 g (18% DV)

three.three g (5% DV)


666 mg (19% DV)
Vitamin Okay

46.2 mcg (58% DV)

Vitamin C

28.eight mg (48% DV)
Zinc mg (7% DV)

Important Minerals and Other Elements in Pomegranate Seeds

Rich in Potassium & Zinc

Pomegranates are the among the many greatest zinc-rich fruits. Zinc is an important nutrient required for the therapeutic of wounds and correct immune perform. Pomegranates are additionally wealthy in potassium.

Vitamins & Fiber

Pomegranates are additionally wealthy in vitamin C and fiber. The majority of that fiber is discovered within the white seeds hidden beneath the pockets of juice. One pomegranate accommodates about 48% of the beneficial each day vitamin C consumption.

Low Calorie

With 234 energy in a complete pomegranate, it’s a comparatively low-calorie meals. This makes them a tasty and splendid snack for people who find themselves cautious about their weight.


Pomegranate seeds comprise a excessive variety of antioxidants, which assist in defending the physique in opposition to irritation and free radical harm. There are additionally antioxidants like polyphenols, which embody tannins, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, within the peel.

Health Benefits of Eating Pomegranate Seeds

Some of the pomegranate seeds advantages embody:

1. Potent Medicinal Properties – They comprise two distinctive plant compounds, particularly punicalagins and punicic acid, which can be liable for most of their health advantages.

2. Cancer Prevention Potential – Pomegranate constituents are proven to modulate transcription elements, pro-apoptotic proteins, anti-apoptotic proteins, cell cycle regulator molecules, protein kinases, cell adhesion molecules, pro-inflammatory mediators, and development elements in varied cancers.

three. Anti-Inflammatory Effects – Initial analysis has indicated that the fruit could assist battle irritation within the intestine, whereas different research have proven the potential anti-inflammatory results of punicic acid from pomegranate seed oil on breast most cancers cells.

four. Blood Pressure-Lowering Abilities – In one examine, individuals with hypertension had a big discount in blood stress after consuming 5 ounces (150 ml) of pomegranate juice each day for 2 weeks. Other research have discovered related results, particularly for systolic blood stress, which is the upper quantity in a blood stress studying.

5. Anti-Heart Disease Potential- Small research have proven that pomegranate juice improves blood move and retains the arteries from changing into stiff and thick. It can also sluggish the expansion of plaque and buildup of ldl cholesterol within the arteries.

6. Arthritis and Joint Pain-Fighting Potential – Since the plant compounds in pomegranate have anti-inflammatory results, it’s attainable that they may assist deal with arthritis. Laboratory research recommend that pomegranate extract can block enzymes which can be recognized to harm joints in individuals with osteoarthritis.

Final Thoughts on Pomegranate Seeds

The pomegranate fruit has a number of properties that make it a really wholesome fruit to eat. It could be very helpful as a result of it accommodates highly effective medicinal properties, has anti-inflammatory results, lowers hypertension, could scale back the possibilities of a coronary heart assault, and helps battle arthritis and joint ache.

It additionally accommodates a number of vitamins like fiber, pure sugars, proteins, potassium, zinc, vitamin Okay, and vitamin C, that are all crucial for the human physique. It could be very protected to eat pomegranate seeds as a result of other than the vitamins they comprise, in addition they are low in energy and have antioxidants as properly.

So go forward and make dishes from pomegranate seeds which can be mouth-watering and scrumptious like pomegranate dip with goat cheese, pomegranate margaritas, and spiced pears and pomegranate, amongst others. Enjoy the great occasions with your loved ones and associates figuring out that the pomegranate is a good meals merchandise to maintain in your kitchen.

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