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Creatine: How it Works, Benefits and Side Effects (Evidence Based)


Creatine is likely one of the hottest dietary supplements athletes take. It is a uncommon instance of a complement that has a whole lot of analysis behind its health claims. Many research have proven taking creatine correctly can improve muscle mass and power.

Creatine could provide one other stunning profit in keeping with analysis: benefiting mind health and defending towards neurological illnesses.  Creatine could positively have an effect on different circumstances equivalent to diabetes, arthritis or despair however extra analysis is required.

Despite fashionable opinion, unwanted side effects from taking creatine per pointers are minimal.  Contrary to most dietary supplements, long run use (Three-5 years) has been proven to be secure for many populations.

Should you’re taking creatine?  Read extra to search out out the advantages, unwanted side effects and concerns for taking creatine as a complement.

Topics coated on this creatine 101 information:

  • What is creatine?
  • How a lot creatine do you want?
  • Creatine health advantages
  • Side results of creatine
  • Does creatine make you achieve weight?
  • Is creatine good for the mind?
  • Types of creatine dietary supplements
  • How to take creatine dietary supplements
  • Are creatine dietary supplements secure?
  • Can younger individuals take creatine?
  • Does the physique cease making creatine for those who take a complement?
  • Should you’re taking a creatine complement?
  • Key Learnings

What is creatine?

About 95% of creatine within the physique is present in muscle cells.  Muscle cells use creatine as a right away power supply.

Creatine is used within the first few seconds of motion and is a vital gas supply in excessive depth, fast bursts of power.

For instance, leaping, shot put or sprints all depend on creatine as a essential power supply.

Why would somebody take creatine as a complement? 

Providing your physique with the next stage of creatine ought to translate to extra power being out there for muscle cells for fast bursts of power.

Bodybuilders additionally complement creatine to .

You can get creatine naturally within the weight-reduction plan from crimson meat and seafood.  Eating extra of those meals can even naturally present the physique with extra creatine.

The physique may make creatine from amino acids arginine and glycine.

How a lot creatine do you want?

A 2017 evaluation (1) on creatine supplementation and sport suggests the physique wants between 1-Three grams of creatine per day to take care of regular muscle creatine ranges.

The quantity wanted can fluctuate relying on muscle mass dimension and train stage.  The extra muscle mass you’ve gotten or extra you train, creatine wants could also be increased.

In basic, most individuals get some creatine naturally of their weight-reduction plan and could make creatine from amino acids.

Even for those who don’t get a whole lot of crimson meat or seafood in your weight-reduction plan, the physique could make creatine from saved amino acids within the liver.

Bottom Line

Creatine is of course present in muscle cells for a right away power supply.  Red meat and seafood primarily present creatine within the weight-reduction plan, and the physique may make creatine from amino acids.

Creatine health advantages

Many research have proven creatine supplementation can enhance train efficiency and coaching variations.

Creatine could also be helpful for train restoration and harm prevention.

Supplementing with creatine will increase muscle creatine shops.  This in flip will increase power reserves in muscle tissues which imply you may train longer/additional/sooner earlier than operating out of power.

Creatine may stimulate protein synthesis and forestall protein degradation which could be helpful for bodybuilders and others attempting to extend muscle mass.

Sports that require shorter bursts of power, like soccer, basketball, observe and subject can profit extra from creatine that sports activities which can be thought-about endurance sports activities.

Besides muscle/sports activities positive factors, research have proven a possible stunning advantage of creatine: mind health.

Some analysis has proven creatine could provide safety towards some neurological illnesses.

Creatine and train

One common, a standard weight-reduction plan supplies sufficient creatine to maintain muscle creatine shops 60-80% saturated.

Creatine dietary supplements can add an extra 20-40% to muscle shops.  This additional retailer of creatine can translate to train efficiency positive factors.

An instance of creatine’s train profit is seen from a 2000 examine (2).

This examine discovered supplementing with 5 grams of creatine a day for five days (then 2 grams a day) elevated arm flexor power and muscle mass considerably higher than non-supplementation group.

Both examine teams underwent a 6 week power coaching program, however the creatine group had considerably higher power positive factors.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) concluded creatine monohydrate is the simplest complement for rising excessive depth train capability and lean muscle mass.

Creatine, protein and physique constructing

creatine and body building
Creatine and Body Building

Creatine can stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit protein break down (Three) together with rising muscle power and energy.

Therefore, creatine is a standard complement for physique builders to help in gaining muscle mass.

Exercise can tear down muscle tissues.  Muscle progress occurs after train if sufficient vitamins can be found to rebuild the muscle.

Over coaching or below diet can result in a scarcity of muscle progress.

Combining the right quantity of train, relaxation, diet and creatine complement could also be optimum for maximizing muscle progress.

Can taking creatine forestall accidents and dehydration?

Some research have proven taking creatine throughout coaching or competitors can assist decrease danger for muscular harm, dehydration or muscle cramping.

However, not all research have proven creatine to have a protecting function towards harm.

A 2003 examine (Four) examined the results of creatine supplementation on the incidence of cramping and harm in American collegiate soccer gamers.

Researchers discovered gamers who supplemented creatine had considerably much less incidence of dehydration, muscle harm or warmth sickness.  There was no distinction between teams for contact associated accidents.

Why can creatine have an effect on hydration ranges?  Creatine has some osmotic properties that means it helps retain physique water to a small extent.  This “hydrating” impact could assist forestall dehydration and warmth harm in athletes.

This is in distinction to some fashionable beliefs that creatine can improve dehydration and muscle cramping.

Bottom Line

Creatine’s essential advantages are from train efficiency, power and muscle mass positive factors.  Some proof additionally suggests creatine could provide some profit for decreasing danger of muscle harm, dehydration or cramping.

Side results of creatine

One of the primary penalties of taking creatine is weight achieve.  However, this isn’t essentially thought-about a nasty factor as a result of it must be muscle mass.

If you take creatine for athletic efficiency, you WANT to realize muscle mass and power.

However, some affiliate creatine with rising extra .  Any water weight achieve with creatine complement must be minimal in comparison with muscle achieve.

For most individuals, there are minimal unfavorable unwanted side effects of taking creatine regardless of some fashionable opinions.

Many research have proven taking creatine to be secure when taken below really helpful pointers. 

In truth, the International Society of Sports Nutrition creatine could assist decrease the next:

  • blood ldl cholesterol and triglycerides
  • fats accumulation within the liver
  • homocysteine blood ranges (a danger issue for heart problems)
  • danger for sure most cancers growths

Creatine has additionally been proven to behave as an antioxidant, support in blood glucose regulation and positively impacts bone power.

Does creatine make you achieve weight?

According to the International Center for Sports Nutrition (5), common weight achieve from taking creatine complement is between 1.5-Three.5 kilos within the first week of the loading section.

Those taking creatine for longer than Three months could achieve between 2.5-6 kilos complete of lean mass.

Therefore, taking creatine does and ought to make you achieve weight.  However, it must be muscle mass, not fats mass.

Whenever you’re taking creatine for train profit, you need to pair taking the complement with an applicable train program for maximal muscle positive factors.

Bottom line

Creatine supplementation doesn’t have many (if any) unfavorable unwanted side effects.  In truth, research have proven optimistic unwanted side effects from taking creatine.  Weight achieve is a aspect impact, however it is lean mass.

Is creatine good for the mind?

Most (about 95%) of creatine within the physique is discovered within the muscle tissues.  The different 5% is principally discovered within the mind.

Therefore, taking creatine could not solely simply influence muscle tissues: creatine can profit the mind and neurological system.

The mind makes use of about 20% of the physique’s complete power wants.  Therefore, the mind wants a relentless supply of power like from the creatine system.

This is one cause why the creatine power system could affect mind operate and could provide profit (6).

More analysis is required on this space, however some research have proven creatine could decrease danger for sure neurological illnesses.

Brain and spinal wire safety

The danger of mind or spinal wire harm could be excessive in some contact sports activities.  Besides providing power and muscle mass positive factors, taking creatine provide some safety towards mind and spinal wire harm.

Most of the analysis on this space has been accomplished in mice or rats, so extra analysis is required in people.

Rodent research counsel creatine dietary supplements could assist decrease danger of mind trauma or harm by 36-50%.

Therefore, this implies athletes taking creatine and enjoying a contact sport could have some safety towards mind/spinal wire associated harm.  However, extra analysis is required.

Creatine and neurodegenerative illnesses

Neurodegenerative illnesses contain shedding neurons or neuron capabilities in a number of space of the nervous system.  The causes of those illnesses are nonetheless being studied.

Currently, researchers counsel ATP (power) depletion in neurons could contribute, a minimum of partially, to neuron cell demise or lack of operate.

Creatine could have a task in decreasing danger for neurodegenerative illnesses as a result of it can present a supply of power for neurons.

More analysis is required for understanding the connection between creatine and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Alzheimer’s illness

There are many components that contribute to Alzheimer’s illness (AD) danger, and the reason for this illness just isn’t well-known.

However, analysis suggests getting satisfactory creatine earlier in life could assist shield towards AD.


A results of a stroke is decreased oxygen to mind cells which might result in neuron demise.  There is a few animal analysis to counsel creatine could provide a protecting function in neuron demise related to ischemia (lack of oxygen to cells).

Parkinson’s illness

Neurons deteriorate in Parkinson’s illness, and a lot analysis focus has been on stopping the onset of Parkinson’s.

There have been research with creatine in treating and stopping Parkinson’s illness, however at present there’s not a powerful hyperlink between creatine consumption and decreasing danger for Parkinson’s.

A 2015 examine (7) seemed on the impact creatine complement had on slowing Parkinson’s development in contrast with a placebo.

Researchers concluded therapy with creatine for a minimum of 5 years didn’t considerably enhance outcomes in comparison with the placebo group.

Huntington’s illness

Study outcomes are blended for creatine profit on Huntington’s illness danger or prognosis.

A 2006 examine (eight) concluded supplementing creatine eight grams a day for 16 weeks was secure and nicely tolerated in sufferers with Huntington’s illness.

Creatine complement lowered an indicator of oxidative harm which suggests it could have a helpful function in treating Huntington’s.

Bottom line

Creatine could have a helpful impact on mind operate, decreasing danger for or treating some neurodegenerative illnesses.

Types of creatine dietary supplements

The mostly studied and verified kind of creatine complement is creatine monohydrate.  There could also be different sorts of creatine dietary supplements out there, however consuming the monohydrate kind is really helpful.

Protein powder and creatine

Protein dietary supplements are consumed by many to extend muscle mass and maximize power.

Combining protein with creatine supplementation can present further power positive factors than consuming both alone.

Research has proven consuming creatine (5grams) with carbohydrate (95 grams) elevated creatine and glycogen storage in muscle tissues.

Other analysis has additionally proven consuming creatine with carbohydrates AND protein may present additional profit.

If you’re questioning if consuming creatine with carbohydrate and/or protein can present additional sports activities efficiency profit, converse with a sports activities dietitian.

The efficiency advantages discovered from taking creatine alone will not be elevated with further carbohydrates and protein.

How to take creatine dietary supplements

Creatine Supplements
Creatine Supplements

When first beginning to take creatine, there’s a loading section to undergo for about 1 week.

In basic, this loading section ought to include 20-30 grams of creatine per day in about Four-5 doses per day.

Some protocols counsel taking 1 gram of creatine each 30 minutes 20-30 occasions which will provide a greater technique to saturate muscle creatine shops.

After this preliminary loading section, a upkeep section consists of taking 2-5 grams of creatine per day.  This section can final for weeks/years relying on why you take creatine.

Another possibility for creatine complement dosing is: every day single dose of creatine of Three-6 grams of creatine (or Zero.03-Zero.1 g/kg/day).

However, this dosing could take longer to succeed in most advantages between 21-28 days.

Some scientific populations have taken creatine dietary supplements within the vary of 21-56 grams per day for years.

The finest dosing and timing for creatine will fluctuate based mostly in your targets, health standing and causes for taking creatine.

Bottom line

The most researched kind of creatine is creatine monohydrate.  There is a weeklong loading interval adopted by a upkeep interval that may be maintained weeks or years.

Are creatine dietary supplements secure?

There are greater than 1,000 research on creatine since creatine turned fashionable complement within the 1990’s.

Both brief and long run research in diseased and wholesome populations, outdated and young- from doses Zero.Three to Zero.eight g/kg/day for as much as 5 years has been proven to be secure

Some individuals affiliate taking creatine dietary supplements with inflicting kidney harm.  While there have been just a few case research that spotlight creatine consumption inflicting renal dysfunction, the overwhelming majority of research don’t present creatine supplementation to trigger renal dysfunction from long run use (as much as 30 grams/day as much as 5 years).

If somebody already has or is in danger for renal dysfunction, seek the advice of your healthcare crew earlier than taking creatine complement.

For wholesome individuals, taking creatine long run (as much as 5 years) is taken into account secure with no to little concern for opposed unwanted side effects.

It is essential to notice the security and advantages related to creatine are restricted to doses in research, particular inhabitants together with the kind of creatine used.

Taking different dietary supplements or medicine with creatine could affect creatine’s have an effect on on the physique.

It just isn’t recognized what the long run results of creatine supplementation are longer than 5 years.

Therefore, use warning for taking creatine longer than this or at increased doses than 30 grams per day.

Can younger individuals take creatine?

There is usually a lot warning and hesitation for giving youngsters and youngsters dietary supplements as a result of their our bodies are nonetheless forming.

Long time period use of athletic efficiency dietary supplements is usually not really helpful for younger populations. 

However, the International Society of Sports Nutrition concludes sports activities efficiency research with adolescents (and the aged) have persistently proven no opposed unwanted side effects with long run creatine consumption.

In truth, some researchers promote the concept of taking Three grams creatine per day all through the lifespan for basic health.

Research research are underway to additional analyze the impact of creatine supplementation in infancy, as breast milk is a pure supply of creatine for infants.

More analysis is required for a way creatine supplementation could or could not affect toddler health and throughout being pregnant.

Does the physique cease making creatine for those who take a complement?

Unlike another dietary supplements, taking creatine doesn’t down regulate your physique’s manufacturing of creatine.

Creatine ranges can keep excessive after stopping regulation however ought to return to regular ranges.

Should you’re taking a creatine complement?

Most research present optimistic advantages related to taking creatine complement.  Does this imply you need to take it?

While present analysis suggests there could also be some optimistic unwanted side effects from creatine, extra analysis is required if it must be taken for basic health.

for improved train efficiency?  If you wish to enhance power, muscle mass and presumably glycogen shops, taking creatine has been proven to enhance these outcomes if taken in correct dose.

However, most leisure athletes who’re aiming for basic health and/or weight reduction could not profit most from creatine.

A 2017 examine (9) analyzed the impact creatine complement had on leisure ladies partaking in excessive depth interval coaching (HIIT) train.

Participants carried out HIIT thrice per week for 4 weeks and have been randomly assigned to a placebo or creatine complement.

Researchers discovered no additional profit from creatine complement for enhancements in train efficiency in leisure ladies. 

This suggests creatine supplementation in leisure athletes could not translate to important enhancements above advantages gained from basic train.

Some research present creatine complement could provide profit for sure health circumstances.  If you’ve gotten questions if creatine dietary supplements could profit your health, converse along with your healthcare crew earlier than taking a complement.

Bottom line

Many analysis research have proven creatine monohydrate to be a secure long run complement even for the younger and aged.  Recommended pointers are as much as 30 grams per day as much as 5 years.  However, leisure athletes could not profit from taking creatine for added athletic positive factors.

Creatine: Key Learnings

Creatine is likely one of the most generally taken and studied complement within the sports activities diet market.  Many research have proven creatine to be a secure complement for wholesome individuals.

Surprisingly, thus far creatine dietary supplements haven’t proven unfavorable unwanted side effects in most people- even younger and aged populations.

Creatine is principally saved in muscle tissues to supply fast sources of power.  Creatine is principally taken for rising power positive factors, muscle mass and enhancing efficiency in excessive depth workout routines.

A small quantity of creatine can be saved within the mind, and some analysis has instructed creatine could protect neurons within the mind and safety towards some neurodegenerative illnesses.  More analysis is required to make clear this relationship.

We can get creatine from dietary sources like meats and seafood.  Taking creatine complement is designed to saturated shops of creatine in muscle tissues to maximise train efficiency.

If you’ve gotten questions if you may benefit from taking creatine complement, converse along with your healthcare crew first.

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