Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: How Are They Different?

Boysenberry vs. blackberry. Both are wonderful berry fruits that jam and pie connoisseurs vastly respect.

They are related in some ways, and really belong to the identical plant household—Rosaceae. At the identical time, these berries have distinct variations that set them stand aside from each other.

For occasion, the blackberry is a small, real berry, whereas the is a bigger hybrid berry that could be a mixture of a sort of blackberry (Allegheny blackberry or widespread blackberry) and the Pacific berry, loganberry, European raspberry, and American dewberry. Blackberries are additionally a lot sweeter than boysenberries.

In this text, we are going to see how the berries examine in terms of bodily traits, diet profile, taste profile, makes use of, and info. Let’s get began…

Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: Characteristics

In this part, we are going to study the bodily properties of boysenberry vs. blackberry.

Both berries belong to the rose household, known as Rosaceae. It is among the largest plant households, with almost Three,400 species together with plums, peaches, apples, cherries, the hawthorn tree, and, after all, berries, amongst many others. Both blackberries and boysenberries additionally belong to the subgenus Rubus.

How do these berries stand out from others? Blackberries and boysenberries have a pulpy or fleshy fruit the place all the ovary wall ripens into a comparatively smooth pericarp, and the seeds are embedded within the flesh of the ovary. In different phrases, the core is undamaged fairly than hallow with drupelets separate, as with the raspberry.

What are a few of the variations in traits? Blackberries have a pure black colour. Boysenberries, then again, are an ideal mix between blackberries and raspberries in terms of colour and texture. As a outcome, boysenberries have a darkish purple and reddish blue colour.

Also, the seeds of blackberries are bigger than boysenberry seeds. And boysenberries are extra fragile than blackberries. Boysenberry crops develop horizontally; nevertheless, blackberries develop extra vertically.

Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: Nutrition Profile

Both the boysenberry and blackberry are excessive in vitamins. For occasion, boysenberry is especially excessive in fiber and folate. Blackberry has different vitamins that stand out, akin to vitamin C, vitamin Ok, and copper. These berries are each very excessive in manganese as effectively.

Here is how every berry breaks down in terms of nutrient content material, per one cup:


Boysenberry (frozen, unsweetened) Blackberry (uncooked)





16.1 g

14.7 g

Fiber 7.Zero g

7.6 g


1.5 g

2.Zero g

Total Fat

Zero.Three g

Zero.7 g


1.12 mg

Zero.9 mg


Zero.72 mg Zero.9 mg


Zero.11 mg

Zero.2 mg


35.64 mg

41.eight mg

Magnesium 21.12 mg

28.eight mg


35.64 mg 31.7 mg


183.48 mg

233 mg


1.32 mg

1.four mg


Zero.26 mcg

Zero.6 mcg


Zero.29 mg

Zero.eight mg

Folate 83.16 mcg

36.Zero mcg

Vitamin B1

Zero.007 mg Zero.001 mg
Vitamin B2 Zero.05 mg

Zero.001 mg

Vitamin BThree

1.01 mg

Zero.9 mg

Vitamin B5

Zero.33 mg

Zero.four mg

Vitamin B6

Zero.07 mg

Zero.001 mg

Vitamin A

88.44 IU

308 IU

Vitamin C

four.09 mg

30.2 mg

Vitamin E

1.15 mg

1.7 mg

Vitamin Ok

10.Three mcg

28.5 mcg


13.46 mg

12.2 mg



Zero.four mg

N/A – Not Applicable

Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: Flavor Profile

Berries are an awesome summer season fruit. They are mild, and infrequently admired for his or her juicy and candy style. And since boysenberries mix a number of berries, this additional enhances their distinctive taste profile.

How do the flavour profiles of boysenberry and blackberry stack up?

Blackberries are identified for his or her tart and candy taste. It can also be necessary to notice that earlier than blackberries are totally ripened, they’re shiny and style extraordinarily tart. Once they’ve ripened, the berries grow to be boring and darkish in look, and in consequence, they may style candy with a smooth texture.

Conversely, boysenberries are very juicy and have a beautiful stability between these tart and candy flavors. The taste of boysenberry additionally combines the juicy tang of blackberry and floral sweetness of raspberry. Overall, boysenberries have an intense, juicy, wealthy, tart, candy, and distinctive taste profile.

The boysenberry can also be smooth, however maybe extra fragile than the blackberry.

Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: Uses

In this boysenberry vs. blackberry part, we are going to define the makes use of of those berries.

For boysenberries, rising season is brief, and as soon as picked, they don’t seem to be very steady. Boysenberries can be found throughout late spring and early summer season, whereas one of the best blackberries might be picked between August and September.

Boysenberries can be utilized in related methods to blackberries. For occasion, you’ll find them each in jellies, jams, preserves, pies, tarts, syrups, wines, smoothies, teas, and different desserts and baked items. You may freeze berries and thaw them to be used at a later time.

Moreover, you possibly can see them added to appetizers and entrees in sauces. Boysenberry sauce specifically might be mixed with black pepper, wine, and goat cheese on a rosemary flatbread. Boysenberry juice can be diminished with juniper berries, beef inventory, and mustard seed to create a savory and candy sauce that may pair with roasted beef tenderloin.

What in regards to the health advantages of boysenberries and blackberries? When it involves your health, blackberries and boysenberries even have related makes use of. This is as a result of each are loaded with antioxidants, akin to anthocyanins.

Both are thought-about necessary to enhance and preserve mind health, enhance immunity and struggle an infection and sure cancers, and likewise profit cardiovascular health.

The cancer-fighting skills of blackberries are well-documented. A examine revealed within the Journal of Biological Chemistry in 2006 discovered particular anthocyanin known as cyanidin-Three-Zero-glucoside in blackberries can successfully gradual the expansion of cancerous lung tumors.

Boysenberries are considered helpful for regulating blood stress and triglyceride ranges, whereas blackberries defend blood vessels, additionally due cyanidin-Three-Zero-glucoside. Boysenberries can also have the ability to enhance lung operate, scale back epilepsy threat, and profit digestion.

Boysenberry vs. Blackberry: Facts

Are there any attention-grabbing info and historical past about blackberries and boysenberries? The following are a number of key factors that stand out for every berry:


  • Horticulturist Rudolph Boysen first cultivated boysenberries on his farm in California.
  • George M. Darrow of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and farmer Walter Knott tracked down Boysen’s berry, transplanted the crops, and nurtured them again to fruit-bearing health at what finally grew to become Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena, California. Knott’s Berry Farm grew to become common because of the boysenberry.
  • Knott named the berries “boysenberries,” after the originator Boysen.
  • Mostly commercially bought boysenberries at the moment are grown in Oregon.
  • In 2016, New Zealand was named the world’s largest producer and exporter of boysenberries.


  • In mid-Mediterranean literature, it was insisted that Christ’s crown of thorns had been produced from blackberry runners and the deep colour of blackberry juice had represented the blood of Christ.
  • Writer, explorer, and botanist John Bertram was one of many first to talk about blackberries.
  • Although blackberries have been identified since historic instances, it wasn’t till the late 1800s and 1900s when blackberry cultivation started.
  • Mexico is taken into account the most important blackberry exporter.
  • If you discover that your blackberry plant has turned orange, you want to destroy it. This is a serious fungal illness that can not be fastened.

Final Thoughts on Boysenberry vs. Blackberry

We have reached the tip of our boysenberry vs. blackberry dialogue. Is one berry higher than the opposite?

I don’t suppose you possibly can go fallacious with both berry. Both are excessive in vitamins akin to fiber and manganese. Blackberries include significantly extra vitamin C, and boysenberries include way more folate.

Both berries are additionally fairly candy, juicy, and tart, and make an awesome addition for wines, syrups, preserves, jams, jellies, tarts, pies, teas, smoothies, and different baked items and desserts. Due to the antioxidant content material, boysenberries and blackberries are additionally nice on your mind, immune system, coronary heart health, and for combating sure cancers.

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