Muskmelon: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, and Uses

What Is Muskmelon?

Muskmelon (Cucumis melo) is a species of melon that belongs to the gourd household. It is cultivated in quite a lot of methods, with one cultivar being the cantaloupe. Other kinds of muskmelon embrace honeydew, Persian melon, casaba, and Armenian cucumber. Although “muskmelon” represents a gaggle of melons, the time period is commonly used interchangeably with cantaloupe; nevertheless, there’s a technical distinction.

Muskmelon is native to Iran, aka Persia, however is now grown world wide in quite a lot of species. A few examples are the North American cantaloupe (C. melo var. reticulatus) and the European cantaloupe (C. melo var. cantalupensis).

There are smooth-skinned varieties like honeydew and casaba, in addition to these with a net-like floor, which incorporates cantaloupe. No matter the variability, all muskmelons are a great supply of worthwhile vitamin that may promote health advantages.

Muskmelon vs. Cantaloupe

Although folks generally check with cantaloupe as muskmelon or vice versa, it must be famous that there’s a distinction. So right here’s somewhat rule to recollect: all cantaloupes are muskmelon, however not all muskmelons are cantaloupes. Cantaloupes are a kind of muskmelon.

But there may be even variation amongst cantaloupes. For instance, though they’re each muskmelons (and cantaloupes), the North American and European variations talked about above have some distinct traits. The North American cantaloupe has a tan, netted pores and skin and a extra delicate model of the candy, musky taste present in its European counterpart. The European cousin additionally has a flat, light-green pores and skin.

From a dietary standpoint, nevertheless, the 2 are just about equivalent.

Muskmelon Nutrition Profile

Because muskmelon can check with quite a lot of melons, there’s a sure—albeit slight—diploma of variability within the dietary profile. Honeydew, for instance, shouldn’t be precisely the identical as cantaloupe on the subject of dietary worth. That stated, each—and all—varieties are nutrient-dense and slot in simply to any nutritious diet.

Muskmelons are typically excessive in , and some sorts—notably cantaloupe and different orange varieties—are excessive in . Muskmelons are additionally largely a great supply of antioxidants like gallic acid, ellagic acid, and caffeic acid. Cantaloupe additionally incorporates choline, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin.

Here is the dietary info for one cup of diced cantaloupe, adopted by the identical quantity of honeydew:


Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 53 three%
Fat zero.three g
Total Carbohydrate 13.7 g 5%
Sugar 12.three g
Fiber 1.four g 6%
Protein 1.three g three%
Vitamin A 5276 IU 106%
Vitamin C 57.2 mg 95%
Vitamin Ok three.9 mcg 5%
Niacin 1.1 mg 6%
Vitamin B6 zero.1 mg 6%
Folate 32.eight mcg eight%
Potassium 417 mg 12%
Magnesium 18.7 mg 5%



Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 61.2 three%
Total Carbohydrate 15.5 g 5%
Fiber 1.four g 5%
Sugar 13.eight g
Protein 1 g 2%
Vitamin C 30.6 mg 51%
Vitamin A 85 IU 2%
Potassium 388 mg 11%
Folate 32.three mcg eight%
Vitamin B6 zero.1 mg 7%

Muskmelon Health Benefits

Muskmelon gives plenty of potential health advantages primarily based on its wealthy dietary profile. While it’s unlikely that muskmelon specifically will forestall or deal with a situation, its vitamin and antioxidant content material can assist promote a wholesome, practical physique.

Immune System Strength/Function

Because muskmelon is a superb supply of each vitamin A and vitamin C, in addition to quite a lot of antioxidants, it might probably promote higher immune health and doubtlessly cut back the chance, power, and period of quite a lot of diseases.

Reduces Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration to Maintain Sight

Cantaloupe and different orange muskmelons are a great supply of zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin is a vital antioxidant recognized to cut back the chance of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and assist preserve good eye health. AMD is the main reason behind imaginative and prescient impairment amongst older adults.

May Help Reduce Inflammation

Eating a with extra nutrient-dense fruits and greens is intently related to diminished irritation. Lower ranges of systemic irritation may doubtlessly cut back the chance of coronary heart illness, arthritis, diabetes, and different persistent diseases.

There can also be proof that cantaloupe extract might possess highly effective anti-inflammatory results. The outcomes come from an animal research, nevertheless, and extra work must be performed to see if there’s a comparable impact on people. In any occasion, consuming extra plant-based meals is an efficient option to battle again towards systemic irritation.


Varieties of muskmelon like honeydew and cantaloupe are nice to have shut by in the course of the summer time due to their excessive water and electrolyte content material. These melons can assist you keep hydrated and perform optimally in the summertime warmth.

May Promote Heart Health

Diets excessive in plant-based meals can promote coronary heart health, and have the potential to cut back blood strain and whole ldl cholesterol and promote coronary heart perform. Antioxidants in muskmelon like vitamin C can assist quell irritation that will elevate blood strain.

Nutrients like potassium and additionally assist coronary heart health by serving to the organ pump and bettering ldl cholesterol profile, respectively. These vitamins are additionally related to decrease stroke danger.

How to Eat Muskmelon

Muskmelon may be sliced and loved by itself as a snack, used as an addition to salads, or included as a aspect dish at breakfast. Melon balls may even be made so as to add to your favourite summer time cocktail or accompany a candy wine.

But you don’t wish to be upset, so right here’s methods to decide and retailer muskmelon’s to ensure freshness.

When a muskmelon is ripe, it ought to have a crown-like formation on the stem. The exterior must be agency, with out delicate spots. You can faucet it along with your knuckles to check the density—and the denser, the higher. There must be a slight candy scent once you sniff it.

Once bought, it may be refrigerated for a number of days.

Muskmelon Recipes

1. Cantaloupe Salsa

Time: 10 minutes        Servings: 1 cup


2 cups cantaloupe (or different orange melon), diced

1 cup cucumber, diced

1 serrano chili, stemmed, halved, sliced

half cup cilantro, chopped (roughly)

half cup pink onion, chopped (finely)

three tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tsp kosher salt


Combine all elements in a medium-sized bowl, and combine nicely. The salsa may be made as much as at some point upfront and refrigerated.

2. Cantaloupe Salad and Pork Cutlets

Serves: four

Salad Ingredients:

2 cups cantaloupe, thinly sliced

four scallions, thinly sliced

1 pink chili, thinly sliced

1/four cup cilantro, chopped (roughly)

2 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed

2 tbsp fish sauce

Pork Cutlet Ingredients:

four 1/2-inch-thick pork cutlets

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed

Coarse sea salt

1 cup cantaloupe, coarsely grated

Crushed peanuts (roasted and salted)


  1. Combine scallions, chili, thinly sliced cantaloupe, cilantro, fish sauce, and two tablespoons of lime juice in a medium bowl. Toss to coat evenly. Set apart.
  2. Use a fork to prick the pork on all sides and season with salt. Place cutlets in a big plastic bag and add coarsely grated cantaloupe, remaining lime juice, and oil. Seal the bag and stir the meat to coat evenly; chill for one hour.
  3. Set the grill to medium-high warmth. Remove cutlets from the bag and place on grill. Turn till browned and cooked by, roughly 4 minutes. Transfer to a platter.
  4. Top pork with ready cantaloupe salad and sprinkle with roasted peanuts.

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