Durian Fruit: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, Uses & Recipes

Durian fruit is a quite distinctive tropical fruit that’s grown in Southeast Asia, the place it’s additionally extremely popular. There are about 30 varieties, 9 of that are produced to eat. The Durio zibethinus species is the one one obtainable internationally, whereas many others are solely obtainable regionally.

There are a number of distinguishing components of this aptly nicknamed “king of fruits.” One is that this can be very nutrient-dense and thought of some of the nutritious fruits on this planet. Another is its look.

Durian fruit is sort of massive and has a tough, spiked outer shell. The flesh is both yellow or white. It’s most notable issue, nonetheless, is perhaps its scent.

Some have instructed that durian fruit “smells like hell and tastes like heaven.” Its custard-like yellow or white flesh is understood for its foul scent, and it stays that means when its intact. This characterization could also be unfair, although. Many who share a place of birth with the fruit describe the scent extra like a fragrance, whereas it’s sometimes foreigners who ascribe the previous description!

Some of the fragrant compounds in durian fruit additionally contribute to the scents of skunks, caramel, rotten eggs, fruit, and soup seasoning. So, relying on what scent your nostril picks up, it may scent candy like caramel or rotten eggs.

Durian is basically grown within the tropical climates of Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Durian Nutrition Facts

Durian is extraordinarily nutritious.

Here is what you’ll get in a 100-gram serving of the edible portion of the fruit:

Nutrient Amount Daily Value
Calories 147 7%
Protein 1.5 g Three%
Fat 5 g eight%
Carbohydrates 27 g 9%
Fiber Four g 15%
Magnesium 30 mg eight%
Phosphorous 39 mg Four%
Potassium 436 mg 12%
Copper zero.2 mg 10%
Manganese zero.Three mg 16%
Vitamin C 20 mg 33%
Thiamin zero.Four mg 25%
Riboflavin zero.2 mg 12%
Niacin 1.1 mg 5%
Vitamin B6 zero.Three mg 16%
Folate 36 mcg 9%

Aside from these nutritional vitamins and minerals, durian fruit can also be a wealthy supply of anthocyanins, carotenoids, polyphenols, and flavonoids. These compounds are all acknowledged for antioxidant capabilities.

Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

When it involves potential durian fruit advantages, there are loads of unknowns.

On one hand, there are some promising outcomes for numerous situations which have arisen from animal and test-tube research. The fruit can also be a wealthy supply of numerous vitamins and antioxidant plant compounds which are recognized to advertise good health and optimum operate.

However, as a result of a scarcity of accessible human research, it’s troublesome to attribute to particular health advantages to durian fruit.

Potential advantages of durian fruit embody:

  • Improved digestion: Because durian fruit is an effective supply of fiber, it could possibly help digestion and promote a wholesome intestine bacterial inhabitants.
  • Lower threat for coronary heart illness: There are numerous vitamins and plant compounds in durian fruit that will promote coronary heart health. They may go by decreasing ldl cholesterol and limiting the probability of atherosclerosis. It can also be a very good supply of potassium, which performs a central position in coronary heart health.
  • Anti-aging: There are numerous antioxidant compounds in durian fruit that may combat towards free radicals that trigger cell harm. This may help maintain your cells and organs younger, doubtlessly delaying the looks of seen (wrinkles, and many others.) and invisible indicators of growing older.
  • Anti-cancer: Another affect of antioxidants is that they will forestall mobile harm that results in most cancers. Test-tube research have indicated durian extract may cease the unfold of breast most cancers cells.
  • Fights an infection: Traditional medicinal makes use of of durian fruit are centered round its potential to combat sickness and promote a wholesome immune system. The fruit might have antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and vasoconstrictive properties.

Durian Fruit Uses & Preparation

Durian fruit is commonly utilized in salads, as an ingredient in Southeast Asian-style dishes, unfold over sticky rice, or consumed by itself.

How do you eat durian fruit? It is actually as much as you! It will be eaten uncooked, fried, and even become ice cream. The problem just isn’t a lot to find methods to eat it, however quite in getting it open and enduring the odor it emits. Remember, durian fruit just isn’t for everyone!

Because of the arduous, spiked shell, you’ll must be very cautious when making an attempt to entry the edible flesh. You might wish to put on gloves or mitts when making an attempt to get it open (this may also forestall the scent from sticking to your fingers).

You can break by the shell with a knife, then fastidiously pry it open to disclose the custard-like flesh inside. You can pull it out and eat it, or minimize it up for recipes.

Here are 4 detailed steps for the best way to minimize durian fruit:

Step 1: Place the fruit stem-side down.

Step 2: Use a big, sharp knife to make a three- or four-inch incision by the pores and skin.

Step Three: Put down the knife and peel the pores and skin again—it ought to rip simply.

Step Four: Scoop out the edible half and take away the stones earlier than consuming.

Tasty Durian Recipes

Durian Ice Cream

Prep Time: 20 minutes    Cook Time: 45 minutes     Serves: Three-Four


Four to six segments recent or frozen durian

2 massive egg yolks

Three tbsp granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 cup complete milk

1 cup mild cream


  1. De-seed the durian, then scoop out the flesh and place within the bowl of an electrical mixer. Mix on low-to-medium pace till the flesh turns right into a paste.
  2. Push the paste by a advantageous sieve to supply 4 ounces of durian paste. Add extra if wanted. Chill till prepared to make use of.
  3. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk collectively egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla essence.
  4. Bring the cream and milk to a close to boil over medium warmth, then scale back warmth to low. Add egg combination, stir always to thicken. Do not let combination attain boiling, or the milk will curdle. (If bubbles begin to type on the fringe of the saucepan, take away from warmth).
  5. Once the combination reaches a thick consistency, take away from warmth and let the custard cool. Chill within the freezer for 30 to 45 minutes, till it’s starting to harden.
  6. Slowly stir within the durian paste, one tablespoon at a time, till it’s fully integrated.
  7. Return combination to the freezer, and proceed to freeze. Stir a number of occasions all through. Alternatively, you’ll be able to end the ice cream in an ice cream maker.​

Durian Thai Salad

Prep Time: 15 minutes          Total Time: 5 minutes           Serves: Three-Four


1 or 2 hen’s eye chilies (or half of chili for a milder style)

1 clove garlic

2 to three tbsp palm sugar

2 limes

1/Three cup recent inexperienced beans minimize into one-inch sticks

1 cup unripe durian, minimize into chunks

half of cup grated carrot

Three tomatoes, quartered

salt to style



  1. Using a mortar and pestle, pound the chilies and garlic right into a paste. (You may finely chop the chilies and garlic and smash them in a bowl with the again of a spoon.)
  2. Add the palm sugar and limes and blend right into a paste.
  3. Add within the inexperienced beans and durian chunks. Pound calmly, or break up into smaller items manually.
  4. Add remaining components, and pound till the greens are tender and have absorbed the juice. Alternatively, knead the salad together with your fingers, squeezing together with your fingers to interrupt down.
  5. Serve inside a hollowed-out durian shell.

Durian Fruit Is Worth the Experience

Durian’s scent and look will be off-putting, however in the event you come into contact with one, many say it’s well worth the expertise. The fruits are fairly arduous to seek out outdoors of Asia, so there’s a very good likelihood you received’t see them at your native grocer. For most, the perfect of durian’s tastes could also be at your native Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese or Filipino restaurant.

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