Chaga Mushroom: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, and Recipes

The chaga mushroom is an enormous a part of the mushroom resurgence as of late. With historic origins in Siberia and different components of Asia, this conventional drugs boasts a lot of potential health advantages.

Due to their powerful, bark-like exterior, chaga mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus) are a standard ingredient in teas and coffees. Grown and used historically in Northern Europe and Russia, this fungus species that’s typically referred to as “black gold” was believed to have anti-viral, anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory talents. Modern analysis, though comparatively restricted, is displaying chaga does have very promising potential in these and a lot of different areas.

What Is Chaga Mushroom?

Growing on birch bushes all through the Northern Hemisphere, chaga resembles a darkish clump of filth or piece of charcoal greater than a mushroom. Upon shut examination, there’s some orange tissue that distinguishes it from different species.

Chaga is antioxidant-rich, and in case you just like the time period “superfood,” you’ll positively be impressed that chaga has one of many highest ORAC scores—146,400—of any meals. ORAC stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity,” and is a lab take a look at that measures how effectively the antioxidants in a selected meals maintain as much as an assault from free radicals.

Although the ORAC take a look at doesn’t point out how these vitamins react within the physique, it may be a powerful indicator of antioxidant potential, nonetheless.

Now, you possibly can’t simply decide a piece of chaga off the tree and eat it, hoping to get all its advantages. Most of its vitamin is unlocked with the addition of scorching water or alcohol, which is why it’s a favourite ingredient for teas and coffees. Other supplemental kinds are often extracts.

The alcohol and scorching water break down chaga’s powerful mobile partitions so that you an entry that black gold. And when you’ve acquired it, there are a variety of health advantages value noting.

Chaga Mushroom Nutrition Facts

It’s a nutrient- and antioxidant-dense powerhouse that may more likely to contribute to a lot of health advantages. The dietary make-up of chaga consists of fiber, and B complicated, in addition to minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium, rubidium, cesium, copper, selenium, iron, and zinc.

In a two-teaspoon serving of chaga chunks, you’ll find 30 energy, seven grams of carbohydrates, seven grams of fiber, and zero grams of fats.

Chaga Mushroom Benefits

Studies, to this point, have yielded very promising leads to a lot of areas. When mixed with centuries of anecdotal proof, there’s a lot to get enthusiastic about. Doctors, different drugs advocates, and practitioners, together with researchers, are all trying slightly nearer at chaga for all of its potential advantages.

It needs to be famous, nevertheless, that the majority scientific findings are a results of animal and lab research. Research utilizing people is missing at this level.

May Improve Gastrointestinal Health

Chaga tea may also help with digestion issues by regulating bile manufacturing to assist with meals breakdown. It additionally helps break down meals which can be slightly more durable to digest, making vitamins extra available for absorption. Basically, it might probably provide help to get extra from the wholesome meals you’re already consuming.

May Slow the Aging Process

The antioxidant capability of chaga can have quite a few advantages, and a few of them can have an effect on how your physique ages bodily. These results can happen in methods you possibly can see and additionally these you possibly can’t.

Although research have but to straight hyperlink chaga to seen indicators of getting old like wrinkled pores and skin, graying hair, and sagging pores and skin, the advantages which were famous in preventing different types of oxidative stress counsel they might assist defend your look. Antioxidants assist defend cells in all your organs to encourage higher health for longer.

May Protect Your Heart

Chaga poses many potential advantages to coronary heart health, together with reducing blood strain, decreasing “dangerous” LDL ldl cholesterol, and appearing as an anti-inflammatory. Each of those strengths can play an enormous position in decreasing the chance of a coronary heart assault or coronary heart illness analysis.

The antioxidant capabilities of chaga may match to cut back the quantity of LDL ldl cholesterol that accumulates alongside arterial partitions that result in blockages and contribute to coronary heart assaults and stroke. Oxidative stress and irritation each contribute to hypertension and cardiovascular dangers, which will also be decreased by the presence of highly effective antioxidants present in chaga.

Could Potentially Prevent/Treat Certain Cancers

According to some sources, researchers are severely contemplating chaga’s potential in most cancers prevention, or no less than in slowing the expansion of cancerous cells. Once once more, that is doubtless as a consequence of its highly effective antioxidant talents.

Studies have proven chaga can sluggish the expansion of lung, breast, and cervical cancers. These outcomes had been proven in a petri dish checks—so the chaga was added to most cancers cells—and not on animals or people. There was, nevertheless, proof that chaga slowed tumor development in mice.

Chaga may match to cease most cancers development by inflicting the destruction of cancerous cells. It’s believed this motion is triggered by triterpenes, that are compounds present in numerous mushroom varieties. What makes these outcomes significantly promising is that, not like conventional most cancers remedies like chemo or radiation remedy, the chaga appeared to focus on cancerous cells and go away wholesome cells alone. Human research are nonetheless required to determine chaga’s efficacy for most cancers remedy.

Anti-Viral Effects

So far, a couple of viruses have proven to have weak defenses towards chaga’s healthful capabilities. Research from the final three or 4 years has proven it might probably help the immune system towards hepatitis C in addition to HIV kind 1. In a examine utilizing animal cells, researchers famous that chaga extract was in a position to lower the infective properties of hepatitis C by 100-fold in simply 10 minutes. Human research should be accomplished to see if an identical impact takes place, however the preliminary work appears very promising.

Immune System Support

Once once more, the antioxidant advantages of chaga are to thank for its impact on the immune system. Some analysis means that chaga could assist regulate the manufacturing of cytokines, that are the chemical messengers of the immune system. Cytokines are proteins that play an necessary position in stimulating white blood cells, that are the immune system’s first responders.

The antioxidants in chaga don’t assault the pathogens straight, however relatively assist the physique mobilize to combat them off.

May Battle Inflammation

Various power health points are linked to power irritation. When power irritation exists, it means the physique’s immune system is consistently turned on, working in overdrive even when it doesn’t should be. Some health situations which can be marked by power irritation embody rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus, and Crohn’s illness.

Chronic irritation additionally performs a job in coronary heart illness, diabetes, and even situations like melancholy, which aren’t thought-about “inflammatory.” The regulatory position chaga’s antioxidants seem to play in immune response could embody battling irritation and decreasing the injury and ache brought on by power irritation.

May Lower Blood Sugar

A examine from 2006 confirmed that chaga extract was in a position to decrease blood sugar in rats. The rats had been genetically modified to be overweight and diabetic, however after consuming chaga extract for eight weeks blood sugar ranges lowered, indicating it could be an efficient remedy to handle blood sugar.

How to Take Chaga

You should purchase chaga mushroom as extract in capsule, pill, or tincture type, or as a part of a espresso or tea mix. You can even forage to your personal, however earlier than doing so, perceive that choosing the flawed selection may very well be very harmful.

As a part of a mushroom tea or espresso mix, chaga could also be mixed with:

  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s mane

In order to get your dosages proper, and to make sure it gained’t have any interactions with any medicines you’re taking, speak to your physician earlier than use.

Chaga Tea Recipe

You should purchase chaga tea individually or as a part of a mix. Here is a fast, at-home recipe for a cup of chaga tea:

Take a teacup with an infuser or filter.

  1. Put in a single teaspoon (or two, in case you just like the stronger style) of floor Chaga powder. If you haven’t ready the chaga, grind it.
  2. Boil the water and pour it onto the chaga.
  3. Put one thing over the cup to maintain the tea heat and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Add honey or maple syrup, sugar, milk, or any pure ingredient that you simply like will be added.

Chaga Tea Side Effects/Risks

In a lot of the inhabitants, chaga mushroom has been proven as protected to make use of. That doesn’t imply that it’s totally threat free. Because it might probably decrease blood sugar, anybody taking insulin or different blood sugar reducing medicines ought to keep away from use or search recommendation from a health care provider.

Lastly, don’t exit and forage to your personal chaga until you’re accompanied by an skilled mushroom forager. Fungal varieties will be simply confused and inaccurate identification can result in poisoning.

For most individuals, nevertheless, including chaga may present some noticeable health advantages.

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