Bison vs. Beef: Which Is Better for Your Health?

Bison vs. beef. Ever torn between ordering a bison burger and a beef burger? Many of us have been there. After all, is one more healthy than the opposite? Do they style the identical? It might be very complicated with all of the choices nowadays.

Bison and beef are each types of purple meat. They are terrific sources of protein and every options all 9 important amino acids. They style comparatively related, although bison does are likely to have a smoother texter within the mouth. For probably the most half, the 2 are interchangeable and might be served as a steak or roast, and even floor up as burgers.

As related as these meats are, there are some main variations. The most evident is that beef comes from cattle and bison comes from, nicely, bison (typically mistakenly known as buffalo). Bison are the bigger, woolier cousins of cattle.

The North American bison has skilled a surge in recognition because of claims of its leaner, lower-calorie meat and environmental sustainability in comparison with beef cattle.

Keep studying to find the actual variations and similarities between the meats of those two members of the Bovidae household.

Bison vs. Beef: Nutrition Facts

The most vital distinction between these two meats is fats content material. Bison can have much less fats than related cuts of beef, which supplies it a decrease calorie depend per serving. So for these watching energy, bison will be the more sensible choice.

The following desk represents the dietary variations between a four-ounce serving of bison and beef. It’s essential to bear in mind, nevertheless, that there are various cuts of every. Some cuts or beef, for instance, might be leaner.

Nutrient Bison Beef
Calories 166 224
Protein 24 grams (g) 22 grams (g)
Fat eight g 14 g
Saturated Fat Three g 6 g
Iron 13% DV 12.5% DV
Zinc 35% DV 46% DV
Selenium 31% DV 35% DV
Vitamin B12 68% DV 161% DV
Vitamin B6 19% DV 16% DV
Vitamin BThree (Niacin) 28% DV 43% DV

Both choices are clearly nice sources of a wide range of vitamins and comparatively related in what they supply.

Because each are purple meat, suggestions for consumption don’t change. The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends limiting purple meat consumption to a most of 18 ounces per week.

Both varieties might be a part of a nutritious diet when consumed sparsely in unprocessed kinds. Bison, nevertheless, is more likely to price you significantly greater than beef.

Bison vs. Beef: The Health Benefits

Is there a serious health profit to picking bison over beef, or vice versa? For wholesome people with no particular caloric wants, from a dietary standpoint, not likely. The two are just too much like declare that one affords advantages the opposite doesn’t.

However, as we famous earlier, bison is of course leaner than beef. If your health standing requires you to fastidiously depend energy or eat fewer omega-6 fatty acids to enhance your omega ratio, bison is a more sensible choice. It is decrease in energy and saturated fats, and customarily incorporates extra omega-Three and fewer omega-6 than grain-fed beef.

Below we study the advantages of every primarily based on their dietary content material.


Beef and bison are each glorious sources of protein. Protein performs a serious position in tissue development and hormone manufacturing. It helps keep muscle, which is extraordinarily essential in stopping situations like sarcopenia, osteoporosis, and sustaining impartial performance.

B Vitamins

Animal meals merchandise are an ideal supply of B nutritional vitamins that play plenty of roles in health. They assist produce vitality, enhance mind operate, promote cell wholesome and assist oxygenate blood.

Iron, Selenium, and Zinc

Each of those important minerals performs plenty of essential roles within the physique.

Iron helps to type purple blood cells, which transport oxygenated blood all through your physique. Adequate iron consumption promotes increased vitality and improved focus.

Selenium is an antioxidant that helps shield your cells from oxidative stress and irritation.

Zinc helps maintain your immune system sturdy so you may battle sickness.

Agricultural Practices

A few variations might be attributed to farming practices. Most of the meat for sale is grain-fed and bred on industrial farms. Modern beef farming techniques contain feeding cattle high-calorie grains (corn, and so on.) so that they bulk up a lot sooner than they’d in the event that they had been grass-fed on a pasture.

The cows are additionally saved in extraordinarily shut quarters and given antibiotics to forestall illness outbreaks, whereas they might even be given extra hormones to advertise development.

Potential health implications for people could also be antibiotic resistance and better omega-6 consumption. However, there may be not ample proof to recommend severe health implications of consuming reasonable quantities of grain-fed, unprocessed beef.

Grass-fed meat, whether or not it’s beef or bison, can comprise as a lot as 5 instances the omega-Three fatty acids as grain-fed beef. Because bison are grass-fed on pastures at this second, the meat is probably going increased in omega-Three. Currently, all bison meat is freed from antibiotics and added hormones, as per federal laws.

How to Cook Bison

Individual cuts of bison are the identical as beef, however they’ve a barely totally different look. Because it’s leaner, there may be much less fats marbling. Bison might have a deeper purple colour that may nearly look purple.

Since there may be much less fats, cooking instances shall be barely shorter than beef. Overcooking bison could make it robust and unenjoyable, so that you monitor your warmth.

Ground bison: Ground bison needs to be cooked to an inside temperature of a minimum of 160 F and juices needs to be clear, not purple. Bison roasts and steaks needs to be cooked to an inside temperature of 145 F for medium uncommon and 160 F for medium. Oven temperature needs to be round 275 F. Ground bison cooked to medium uncommon is finest for burgers.

Bison steak: If broiling a bison steak, it would cook dinner in about one-third the time of beef and it’s not really useful to cook dinner past medium. The steaks style finest when cooked uncommon to medium.

Bison roast: A bison roast, cooked at 275, will take about the identical period of time as a beef roast of the same dimension.

Store bison within the coldest a part of your fridge. Steaks and roasts which can be nonetheless of their unique packaging might be saved safely for as much as 4 days, whereas recent floor bison might be saved for two.

Bison Burger Recipe

If you’re trying for an alternative choice to a beef burger, bison is unquestionably value a attempt. Here’s a recipe for a bison burger.


  • 1 lb floor bison
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • Three/Four cup onions, finely chopped
  • 1/Four cup dry breadcrumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tbsp daring mustard
  • 2 tbsp water
  • half tsp dried thyme, crumbled
  • Coarse sea salt, to style
  • Black pepper, to style


  1. Add oil to a frying pan, and warmth over medium warmth. Sauté onion till it’s golden brown and tender, for about 10 minutes.
  2. While the onion cooks, combine collectively breadcrumbs, egg, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, thyme, salt and pepper in a big bowl. Pour in onions, stirring gently. Then add bison and blend till simply mixed.
  3. Gently form the meat combination into 4 Three/Four-inch-thick burgers.
  4. Place burgers on greased grill over medium warmth and shut lid. Cook for about 10 minutes, turning as soon as, till now not pink inside and digital thermometer inserted sideways into middle reads 160°F.

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